In just 102 days Luke and I will embark on a pretty big adventure as we head off on our honeymoon! (Cue all kinds of excited faces from me, because literally I can’t wait!!)

And alright, I know, I’m pretty annoying with the whole honeymoon destination?? Like it’s top secret or something. I mean it’s not like I’m going into space or anything! But Luke and I have only really told a small selection of people, plus it stops me from being so annoying and doing a daily countdown (basically it’s for everyone else’s benefit!)

However I did want to do a post about honeymoons and choosing that perfect destination. Because honestly it’s not as easy as it seems!

There are SO many great honeymoon destinations out there, from Santorini to Seychelles, and from Bali to the Caribbean! And not forgetting every beautiful country in between (far too many to list!) But with just SO many wonderful places, how are you even supposed to choose where to go!

Well, Luke & I didn’t actually have a honeymoon destination list, we never bothered with one. In fact we never even discussed any destinations because we had chosen years before we even got engaged. So it was literally a no brainier it was always going to be the place that we would go.

Even so choosing that important destination, well that is always a tough one. Luke & I have both kept very quiet about where we wanted to go, and kept our fingers crossed that we wouldn’t know anyone else who would choose to visit there before us.

As a couple we are both very “think outside the box” people. And I think when you know quite a few people who have been to a certain place, why would you want to go there too? Both myself & Luke were super mindful and so against doing other peoples honeymoon’s and holidays. We wanted our own unique destination and adventure. A place where I don’t know another person who has been, so I can put my own stamp on it.

And to be fair I’m pretty confident we’ve found it.

Getting married in January but waiting until December to finally go on our honeymoon has given me mixed emotions. The reason behind the wait was 2 factors

1) As we were in the process of booking along came Omicron and honestly at that point we really didn’t even know if our wedding would go ahead! So it seemed the most sensible thing that we could do was to sit tight and see what happened, and not go booking a honeymoon!

2) Once it looked like Omicron wasn’t going to send the world back into lockdown and we would be able to go away, we then had to factor in the seasons! And December is a pretty good season to go to our destination so we decided that we could wait, and enjoy some much deserved winter sun.

As I said I did have mixed emotions about this because on one hand I felt like it would be an anticlimax going on our honeymoon 11 months after the wedding. I was worried that it would just seem like a really expensive holiday. I definitely had that mindset for a good couple of months, before realising that actually I’m pretty lucky. I get to prolong my wedding, I got to enjoy my beautiful, memorable, wedding day without worrying about packing, flights, passports and everything else that goes with travelling. And now I get to look forward to the bucket list honeymoon that is fast approaching. And really essentially isn’t a honeymoon just a really expensive holiday, but it’s what you make it, and I can’t wait to make all those memories. So I now don’t regret our decision to wait until we go, I actually think it’s a pretty good idea.

I can’t wait to pack my suitcase and head off on an adventure with my husband. It will certainly be a memorable trip, and Luke & I will make sure not to waste a moment of it!!

I have been asked a few times if we will be going to Disney World to celebrate our honeymoon. Sadly it’s a no, as much as everyone knows how much I love Florida and Disney, that is more of our family holiday, and not somewhere I would choose for my honeymoon destination. I will definitely be sad to not be heading back this year, as it will be longest break I have had from a Disney holiday, marking 3 years since I was last there. But there is so far no Walt Disney World trip on the cards for 2022 (sad face, crying face etc, etc!)

But there is one AMAZING honeymoon!! And double digits are only days away!!!!!!!