This month I will be celebrating almost 5 months of wedded bliss with Luke. In one way it only seems like yesterday when we said “I do” and in other ways it feels like a lifetime ago! The time has quite simply flown by, and before I know it, we will be celebrating our one year anniversary.

Marrying Luke was such a surreal moment in my life, and was also the best moment in my life. It was super strange waking up the morning after as a Kendal. In fact that part still feels unreal because the only thing I’ve managed to get round to changing is my Facebook page!! I know I need to change my bank cards, driving licence and passport etc and honestly its all my list of things to do!

So now Luke and I are married we no longer get the “have you set a date yet question” but of course we now get “when are you having children OR don’t you want children” question (rolls eyes, every time I’m asked that) So basically since Luke and I have been together we have had all the questions below thrown our way (I wonder how many of you can relate)

Starts dating – When do I need to a hat

Been dating for 1 or more yearsAre you looking to move in with each other?

Been dating 2 plus yearsWhen are you getting married then?

Any wedding that you attend as a coupleIt’ll be you next (nudge nudge, wink wink”)

FINALLY GET ENGAGED and the question is …… Have you set a date yet?

FINALLY GET MARRIED and the questions are ….

When are you having kids?

Don’t you want children then?

Do you want children?

Don’t you like children?

Let me tell you as a girl who has dated, got engaged and married, all of the above questions are just unacceptable. Never ask those absolutely dumb questions!

Anyways all that aside I must admit married life is kind of bliss, Luke and I always have been such a solid couple so sliding straight into married life was a smooth transition! Apart from a wedding band and a piece of paper and the most beautiful memories nothing has changed at all. We are still just Lisa & Luke and I just love that. I don’t know what I was expecting from married life, I think I was slightly apprehensive that we as a couple would change, and that somehow things might be completely different. But we are still the same solid couple as we always have been, now we just have a Mr & Mrs title, and I now tick a different box when filling out forms, well technically I don’t yet, as I’m still Taylor but eventually I will!

I am loving this journey Luke & I are on, and I love sitting down planning places we want to go, things we want to do, ideas for the house and just embracing every second of marital bliss.