Firstly did I blink and pretty much miss May?! Seriously I know I say this all time (blah, blah, blah!) but HOW fast is this year going!!

Okay so now it’s like JUNE and half way through the year, I’ve found myself reflecting on the last 6 months, wondering where they’ve gone and what I did! To be honest I had really high expectations for 2022, and okay, the year DID start off really well when I got to marry my best friend, but since that magical January day not a lot else has really happened.

Luke and I to be fair have been pretty busy with house things, mainly doing up our en suite which I have to say is looking rather fine! But not quite finished yet, we then have a list of other bits that need doing, so we’re just kind of ticking off one room at a time. Ahhhh home life!!

On a more personal note, I don’t know about anyone else, but I seem to start off every brand new year, super confident with a list of things I’m definitely going to do/ achieve/visit/. There’s places I want to go, ideas I want to challenge, things I want to experience, posts I want to write up, vlogs I want to record. And quite honestly it seems that once the first few weeks of January are done, so are all my dreams and aspirations, and I end up feeling utterly deflated, it’s like I’ve personally failed.

This year I’m trying to take a different stance on things, and yes okay I’ve wasted a few months (well not really wasted I DID after all get married!) but that aside I’ve not done a lot else. But anyways like I said I’ve decided to approach the rest of the year differently. So instead of feeling all deflated, and like I’ve failed at things, I’m using the remaining months to put the wheels into motion on all those things I want to do. So what if it’s June? It’s only half way through the year, I’ve got another half to figure it all out right?

Lockdown really has played a big part in my confidence and how I feel about myself, not that I was ever overly confident to begin with, but unfortunately going into lockdown(s) kind of just diminished what confidence I did have. I find myself doubting my own abilities more and more, which in turn is stopping me from doing the things I want the most.

So when I look at the much bigger picture the only person who is stopping me from doing absolutely anything, is me! And when you put like that….. well, time to change right!