It’s May, it’s a new month (okay we are actually part way through a new month) which means it’s definitely time for a post!! And not just any post, a BEAUTY post!!!! I haven’t done a beauty post in like FOREVER! And this is a good one (kind of) don’t say I never treat you to a good tip!

Okay so I discovered this (which may widely be well know but whatever) but I discovered this in December last year but it’s only now I’m finding the time to write up a post – better late than never!

Prepare to be amazed (or maybe that was just me who was amazed!)

PERFUME, we all know I love it! I mean buy me a perfume for my birthday or Christmas and I am one happy girl for sure! I especially love a perfume gift set, you know, where you get a body cream, a shower gel, or a mini perfume to compliment your chosen scent. What I really hate is when you get a mini perfume in rollerball form, seriously, who uses a rollerball these days! I find them so annoying! To be honest the rollerballs usually get thrown in a drawer and forgotten about, until that is I discovered this genius life hack (seriously I’m calling it a life hack!)

So I had zero idea (because I’ve never really looked at rollerball perfume closely enough) but I didn’t realise that you can ever so easily just pop the rollerball out of the perfume bottle (who knew? Everyone but me probably, but moving on) So once I had popped the ball top off I was like …. “Okay, I can use this!”

I got one of my empty atomisers (because who doesn’t own an atomiser or 5 now days …..) And unscrewed the top part and poured the rollerball mini perfume in to the atomiser, no spills or thrills, every last drop went straight in.

Honestly I was MIND BLOWN by this little trick! I have a drawer full of mini rollerball perfumes that I never use, and now I’m running low! Seriously you’re welcome, and you can thank me later . . (Laughing face emoji!!)

Tip no 2

I have one more tip to share with you today – and that is prolonging the life of your perfume. I know it sounds silly but perfume does go off, it discolours, and smells not quite right, and at that point it’s only fit for the bin. As someone who has close to 100 perfumes that I obviously can’t wear all at once, I need them to last as long as possible. So I have to be very careful with how I store them. I know perfumes look so pretty on dressers and some perfume bottles are just beautiful, however as soon as they are exposed to sunlight it can quickly degrade the fragrance. Heat also affects perfumes as it breaks down the chemical bonds that give a perfume its scent, so you’re expensive perfume won’t smell so pretty after a while!

The best way to keep perfume fresh for as long as possible is to hide it away — seriously. Dark, dry places are the best go-to’s for fragrance storage. The BEST tip for this is store them in the box they come in (so simple right!) Because I have a few too many I also keep a collection in a decorative dark box where no light gets in. And obviously store away from radiators!!

Well I hope you’ve found my mini beauty post helpful.

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