FRIDAY! It’s actually Friday, the word Friday is just music to my ears, it’s a beautiful word!! And not only is it Friday it’s another LONG WEEKEND! Oh thank you lord for UK bank holiday’s and to be honest I don’t even know WHY we have bank holidays, but boy am I super thankful for them!

Since getting married to Luke in January of this year I feel like we/I’ve been swept up in a tornado of being extremely busy, having a million things to do around the house, vlog with my sister, maintaining my blog site, working full time, fitting in clients for lashes, trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, cooking, cleaning and being a dog Mum to Hunter (phew!) think that’s everything! Sometimes I have so much going on that I forget to take a step back and just BREATH!

This long weekend I am heading out of Essex to breath in some fresh Norfolk air, and honestly, I can’t wait!! We are staying at Luke’s parents boat house which is situated in Horning, which is super pretty and chilled, and I am definitely here for chilled!

We’re heading away as soon as the clock hits 5.30pm on Friday, so I will most definitely be counting down!

I may only be away for a few days, but seriously I just can’t wait!

Just 4 hours & 30 minutes to go until I clock off, still enough time for a few more cups of coffee to keep me going!!

Have a great weekend