And just like that, it was March, can you even believe it? Spring is just around the corner and I am enjoying the lighter evenings, although it’s been particularly cold lately, warmer weather will soon be on its way. March is like a breath of fresh air and I’m really looking forward to embracing it. I have so many things I want to do and I’m feeling really positive about doing them, this is the month for getting “stuff done” Don’t you just love a bit of positivity.

I have to say I am particularly looking forward to this month as I actually have some events in my diary (at last!) and whilst February was a pretty quiet month March should fingers crossed be busier!

Although as I have mentioned February was a quiet one, Luke and I are still in our little newly wed bubble, so we have spent many nights looking over our wedding photos and reminiscing about that perfect, magical day. But by doing that we seem to be forgetting about things we really need to do, like the wedding thank you’s!! It’s gone on my to do list, along with about 10 other things that I REALLY MUST DO!!

Still busy writing up wedding blog posts, and editing Disneyland Paris vlogs, planning a honeymoon, being a dog mum to Hunter, running a house, working and getting a YouTube Channel up and running with my sister, I am also concentrating on taking time out for me. It seems like forever since I last sat down and switched off social media and read a good book with a mug of tea.

I love being busy, and making plans, it always makes life super interesting.