It’s Sunday and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed my weekend, even though it was cold and wet for most of it! I know it’s only been a short 4 day week, but I am always glad when it’s the weekend.

Not only is it Sunday today, but it’s also my little blog’s 5th birthday!!

YES Happy 5th birthday to Lifestyle Lisa, a whole 5 years of blogging about life, the up’s and downs, the trails and tribulations, the vacations and staycations and all the bits in between!

I still very much have a love hate relationship with blogging and there are still times (and sure there always will be) when I feel like hitting that delete button. But for all the hate the love always out ways.

I use my personal blog in a way as my own journal and sometimes I find myself flicking back through various years and reading a forgotten post, and remembering. Remembering what a fun time it was, or remembering somewhere I went or something I ate, or even a movie Luke and I watched. It’s nice to look back, reflect and remember.

Back in 2019 I launched my own vlog which I’m still working on content for (the pandemic definitely didn’t help) I’m hoping to find passion in vlogging, but I don’t think it will ever out way my passion for Lifestylelisa – my tiny little corner of the internet.

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