First blog of a brand new year AND month! Exciting!

So happy new year everyone, hope you all enjoyed the celebrations and rung in the new year in style! I spent mine with family, it was a quiet one, but one filled with lots of laughter, a few games and some silly banter, and food (lots of food). No alcohol for me as I was driving and let Luke drink instead (calories on him right!) It was nice to get dressed up, and a chance for me to use my new Burberry bag which I got for Christmas and just absolutely love!

Well here we are 2022! New Year’s Day vibes for me meant waking up at 11.30am having my porridge at midday, getting the food shopping, cleaning the fridge and I also did a little polish and vacuumed too. I’m definitely living this year to the absolute best so far. And I admit I kind of lost my optimism to start a fresh page when Hunter threw up all over my cuddle chair, luckily it’s stain proof, so it was washed down and now you’d never know it happened (thank goodness!)

But seriously 2022 so far so good, I mean there’s been no unexpected announcement from Boris putting restrictions in place, so that’s good. That means that I can start to get excited about my wedding, because I haven’t really allowed myself to do so as I just expected us to have to postpone it! I think a part of me still thinks I will have too, so I’m always torn between wanting to get excited but holding back slightly. I feel like my fingers have been crossed for ages!!

I’m always sad to say goodbye to Christmas, but honestly 2022, I’m just so ready for you.