December 31st (WHAT) wait did I blink and miss Christmas altogether? (super, super sad face) Why oh why do the best days of the year quite literally run by at lightening speed? Christmas is undoubtedly, undeniably my favourite time of year, so I’m always a little sad when it’s over.

But it is, and now we are just hours away from saying goodbye to 2021 and hello to 2022. Of course 2021 has been another tough year, and I’m not too sure it’s about to get any easier just yet (although I’m kind of holding out hope) Sometimes I really struggle to get my head around the fact that we are still living through a pandemic, I mean crazy times right? It’s like whenever I visit the London dungeons and they talk about the plague and I’m standing there thinking OMG how horrendous that must have been. But now I’m like in years to come there’s going to be these kids visiting the London dungeons and it’ll be about the pandemic of 2020 and these kids will literally be like OMG how horrendous! I mean this is definitely one for the history books right!!

Anyways I digress, so with just hours to go until the new year arrives, I always think about my plans for the year to come or “New Years resolutions”. And although every year I have the best intentions in the world to make these resolutions and follow through with them I never do. So I’m making myself just 2 promises this year –

1. To be myself, none of this try to be a better person that I usually write, because I am good person. I’m very honest and I always say what’s on my mind, which really isn’t a bad thing. I think I give myself a hard time and end up feeling bad because I’ve dared to say something (usually the first thing that comes into my mind!) and okay whilst sometimes I may have no filter, I still only speak the truth. So I’m going to carry on being that truthful, but loyal girl.

2. To live life, which I know kind of sounds strange or cliché but in 2021 I feel like I got by, it wasn’t always easy because everything was so uncertain including job security for myself. But in 2022 I want to live life to the fullest that I can under the circumstances that we are in. Whether that means taking spontaneous little trips with Luke or doing something new with Hunter, or even throwing myself into lashing more (something I fully intend on doing) or doing more eyelash courses! Whatever I want to do I can do and will do.

It’s not a big list, because I’m so over those with the “blah, blah, blah’s” that I never actually get round to doing. So instead I’m keeping it simple.

I mean technically I should add – loose weight and save money to the list, but honestly that’s the biggest laughing face ever as every year those same two things go on the list, and I fail to actually fulfil them. So this year I’m doing myself a favour and leaving them off!

Happy new year everyone – may you be happy & healthy.

Here’s to 2022