Bridezilla – “a woman whose behaviour in planning the details of her wedding is regarded as obsessive or intolerably demanding”

Being completely honest (with myself) I never ever had a vision that when I got engaged, and started planning my wedding that I would be this chilled out anything goes kind of bride. I’m a serial planner, I’m a little bossy (on occasions) and that’s just in general life. So getting engaged and planning my dream wedding, I was always going to be half a normal bride and half a bridezilla!

My bridal party – luckily these girls KNOW me so when the bridezilla bride to be starts coming out, they know that I’m not being a super bitch (or at least I hope they know) I have a large(ish) bridal party – 1 maid of honour, 1 matron of honour, 1 chief bridesmaid and 3 bridesmaids. I also have 5 flower girls, so having a relatively large bridal party brings quite a big expense. I have kept to tradition (mostly) and have bought all the girls dresses, hair accessories, other accessories and have paid for all hair and makeup to be done on the day. The only thing I have asked my bridal party to buy is their own shoes. So once I total everything up my bridal party has cost me just over £2000, which in turn kind of gives me the right to be a little bridezilla(ish). I think I’m within my rights to make sure everyone will look the way I want them to look on the day. I know I have been very (very) picky when it comes to my bridal party and have been quite vocal on what I want – like to not see a bra on show under the dress, backless bra’s only, or having the flower girls all matching, and having them in tanned tights instead of white and lacy. I even want as far as wanting the flower girls to have messy buns on the day, and genuinely contemplated getting a hair piece for any flower girl who’s hair didn’t meet the messy bun criteria (luckily all girls hair looked beautiful and worked perfectly, but the hair piece was a back up) Or finally the fact that I don’t want any bridesmaids to have lash extensions for the wedding as strip lashes will be applied by my fabulous makeup artist. Yes I know it’s picky, but on the day I just know they will all simply look stunning.

Oh, and then there is of course the small detail of being “THAT” bride who changed the colour scheme and subsequently had to change ALL the bridesmaids dresses!! Yep I did that! In September, 4 months before the wedding.

I have also been less than impressed with the 2 wedding planners that work at my chosen venue so we’ve bought in an independent wedding planner, meaning that I now have 3, but only one I completely trust. Plus she helped plan my engagement so I know she’s good!

Being a serial planner and perfectionist isn’t always a good thing, especially when I know exactly what I want and how I want my wedding day to be. I have full visualisation of it, and the day has to be more than perfect. So yes I would say that there are times (and I’m sure there will be many more) when the inner bridezilla is unleashed and comes out full force! But my bark is definitely worse than my bite…..