6am on a Friday morning and I’m thinking just how much I love the first cup of tea of the day. It’s like a little cup of heaven, and I enjoy those little peaceful minutes by myself before the day starts. It’s a time where I can just sit and reflect and think and sometimes over think which is not always a good thing.

So sitting here this morning (with that cup of tea) and it’s bye bye October I guess, and of course it went by in a flash. I feel like I didn’t even get a chance to enjoy it! With Autumn being my most favourite season of them all I usually love getting out and about whether it be pumpkin picking, going on cute little dates or just getting out on long autumnal walks with Hunter. But this year the only thing I’ve actually done is gotten out on dog walks!

My diary is so full mainly with wedding things and I’m finding that I’ve got no time for myself at all. Luke and I seem to be committing to things before really seeing if we even have the time to do so. I feel like an need an entire day to just catch up on sleep!

The month of November brings just one free Saturday, and I am so looking forward to it that much that i am already wishing the rest of the month away! YES the problems are REAL!!

However November is also the month that I go on my hen do and I am very excited! No idea where I’m going or what I’m doing but with the 2 best girls organising it, I know it will be pretty special!

I wish I could reflect back on October as a fun month but it’s just been a blur of early starts and late nights, and visits to Norfolk to attend church services. And whilst I absolutely hate wishing away time I just want to get to Christmas so I can have a break!

So it’s the start of November and although I may have a diary full of things to do, I’m going to try really hard and enjoy this month and just live in the moment. Put the wellies on head outside and breath in the fresh air. At least that’s my plan, whether I stick to it is another question!