It may have only been a 4 day week, but still I was so pleased to see the weekend. I love arriving home from work on a Friday, getting into some comfy clothes, preparing dinner and eating it in front of the tv whilst watching a movie (or in mine and Lukes case – below deck!) Theres just nothing better than knowing that the alarm is switched off and I can spend a full undisturbed 48 hours with my 2 boys (Luke & Hunter)

After a lovely well deserved lay in, Saturday afternoon saw Luke and I head out on a wedding shopping spree. I was on the hunt for table decor, I know what I want but because everything has to be perfect I want to make sure that I’ve not missed something better. Places on the go to list included The Range, John Lewis, Homesense & TK Maxx (because no shopping trip is complete without a visit to one of these, and purchasing one or two Reed diffusers!) and finally IKEA was also on the list. Having a winter wedding means that we (more so me) can get really creative with decor and theming, so I was keen to see what bits I could find.

I was genuinely so excited to head out shopping as since we got Hunter Luke and I haven’t been out shopping without taking him, we tend to just do all our shopping online. So it was nice to be Lisa & Luke minus our fur baby just for a few hours, although of course it’s so nice to get home to him, but he had lots of attention from my dad who was sitting him whilst we were out. The weather was a little chilly, which meant it was time for the long sleeve playsuit and Gucci trainers!! So happy for it to finally be autumn!!

It turned out that unfortunately it wasn’t the best shopping trip ever, but we did manage to find some bits in The Range that would make perfect additions to our wedding decor. We didn’t make it to any of the others places on the list, but all was not lost as I got to have my first pumpkin spice frappe of the season!! YAY!! Everything is good again!!

Sunday was absolutely dedicated to Hunter so off we went for a doggy play session, which was just absolutely brilliant! Hunter had the best time running around for an hour with other dogs of all breeds! It cost £12 for an hour session, it’s in a safe enclosed space, and Hunter was free to run and play, and we didn’t really see that much of him for a whole hour! And yes I was a worried dog mum for the first 10 minutes as he looked so small against some of the larger breeds, but it was all good! We finished off his fun afternoon with a trip to Starbucks for a puppuccino!! Super spoilt!!As for Luke and I (who ordered another pumpkin spice frappe – because it was rude not too) actually finished the rest of Sunday off by sitting in the garden soaking up the hot sun with an ice cream…. So Saturday was chilly, Sunday was so hot!! Like what is going on! I hate this kind of weather, I’m ready for the chilly season!

The weekend went by in a flash, and Monday is once again here, so now the countdown is on to our engagement party!