I usually like to do a blog post at the start of a new month, however this year I was on my staycation and was too busy writing up travel blogs which you can read here.

SO HAPPY AUGUST!! I mean where is the sunshine? It kind of feels more like early September than it does August, and hey I’m down for that as you just know the Autumn months of September, October and November are my favourite!

August is of course my birthday month (August 15th) I am a feisty Leo in the zodiac Calendar and I feel like I definitely live up to my star sign! Birthday’s are never really a favourite event in my social calendar and I much prefer Christmas over that of becoming another year older. This year is most certainly no exception, I am way more hyped up for the prospect of a very Merry Christmas, so hoping I can do this birthday on the down low keeping it very minimal.

Of course queens are born in august, and if I get a few birthday presents on the morning of the 15th of August, then who am I to complain right? And I mean who doesn’t like presents? I may not be too keen on birthdays, but presents…….. I’ll happily except those!!

As we enter the month of August I am reminded that my wedding day is getting even closer, which in turn is making me completely panic and worry as to whether I’m on track or not!! Currently I’m swaying towards NOT on track, but whilst I’m still in Cornwall getting ready for the drive back to Essex, there isn’t a whole lot I can do.

I’m hoping the sun will return and we will get some warmer weather for the remainder of August, although I can’t lie I am quietly counting down for the arrival of Autumn and the return of cute warm clothes.