It’s that time again!! STAYCATION time!! Tomorrow I will be heading to the place of pasties and cream teas ……Cornwall!!

I will be there for a whole week with Luke, Hunter & the Kendal’s (Luke’s family) And I have to say I’m pretty excited about escaping away to a beautiful part of the UK.

Last year was my first trip to Cornwall and yes of course I blogged all about it which you can read HERE

I’m hoping (and praying and keeping my fingers crossed) that there will be sun, however knowing the UK weather I may be wishful thinking so will be packing clothes to wear in the very likely event of rain! Packing for a staycation is difficult as sunshine is not guaranteed, and looking at the weather app for Bude (where I will be staying) it’s mostly rain and grey skies! Okay I definitely need more jeans and sweaters (secretly praying that I get to wear at least one playsuit whilst I’m away!)

Whatever the weather I can’t wait to leave Essex behind for a few days, feel the sand beneath my feet and breath in and smell the fresh salty air standing by the ocean. I’m also planning on eating a few delicious scones with clotted cream and jam (rude not too really!) PLUS I’ve heard that a Cornish ice cream with a huge dollop of clotted cream (yes it’s a thing) is like the BEST treat ever…. And I want one! So will be in search of where I can find one!

The journey will be long and will start early (apparently 3pm early) is it even worth going to bed? Luke wants to make a good start before the roads get super busy as here in the UK right now, it is of course the 6 week school holidays! And with very limited travel at the moment I suspect a lot of people will have booked Cornwall for there 2021 staycation!

As with last year I’m a guest on this holiday so I don’t get involved with the planning at all, unlike all Florida holidays, where I pretty much plan like a boss! However it is nice to not have the worry of planning and just sit back and relax and go with the flow (yes I am able to just go with the flow!)

Luke and I are more restricted because of having Hunter with us so we’ve packed our walking gear because of in doubt “walk it out” (yep totally made that up) but even if the weather is super rubbish at least we can go for a muddy walk.

On our 2020 staycay we stayed in Tintagel, this year we are heading to beautiful Bude, I’m assuming it’ll be beautiful because I find it hard to believe that there would be a part of Cornwall that isn’t beautiful! Its truly such a stunning part of the UK!

My brows and nails are done to perfection, suit cases are packed and Hunter is groomed and smelling delicious. Now for a busy end of month day at work, and an early night tonight!

Vacay starts in less than 24 hours!