And so as the title may suggest the prepping and planning continues, it’s a long process planning a wedding, and for the most part I’d say fun (with a few stressful moments here and there!)

Luke & I go through phases of being really “on it” and sitting down and planning everything and then we go through another phase where we just leave everything and do no planning whatsoever. But sometimes it’s just nice to be Luke & Lisa and talk about other things besides the biggest day of our lives which is happening in 6 months (WOW) although keeping my fingers crossed that all goes to plan and another crazy lockdown doesn’t descend upon us.

We are though as I said getting there and have ticked a few things off of the long (ever growing) list.

We picked the flavours and style of our cake , which I have to say will be stunning! Cake tasting was also hugely fun!

Our menu has been chosen (and tasted, another fun afternoon) including canapés.

My bridesmaids all have dresses which I personally love and I THINK the bridesmaids do too . . . . . . For the winter wedding I’m having I think they are just perfect, classy & tasteful

Obviously my dress was ordered back in April, which I can’t wait to see again!

I have a fabulous makeup artist, hair stylist and have my best friend doing my hair.

We have made contact with the DJ and florist.

Chosen plates and linen

And I have also started making contact with various photographers.

Now it’s more little bits we need to do, loose ends if you like – photo booth, videographer, sweet cart (maybe) but in the grand scheme of things it’s not that much …… I think . . Well I’m not overly panicking just yet anyway!!

I would love to go to some wedding shows this year (pandemic permitting) really just for the fun and experience of doing it, but with my diary looking pretty busy for the remainder of the year it may not be possible to even fit it in!!

I once thought being a wedding planner would be my dream job……… I’m most definitely reconsidering now, it’s hard work, and there is an awful lot involved! I mean just imagining having to plan the biggest day of someone else’s life….. pressure much!!

Happy Tuesday xx