How’s it going? That is a question I get asked a lot, and of course it’s a completely natural question to ask any bride to be who is planning her dream wedding. Whilst my answer is usually “yeah it’s all coming together” I have come to realise that there is still an awful lot to do before the big day on the 29th January 2022!

So how’s it going you might ask……. well Covid! I mean Covid has now been ruining everyone’s plans since it’s untimely and unwanted arrival back in 2020! And whilst I am honestly so so grateful that my family & I have been healthy and well throughout (touch wood) wedding planning during a pandemic takes on a whole new meaning!

I have mentioned before that I don’t feel like I’m getting the full “wedding planning experience” which I’m sad about. I was looking forward to going to wedding fares and viewing lots of venues and just having that whole experience. While it hasn’t been quite like how I thought it might be, I did find my dream wedding venue…… except even that is turning into a NIGHTMARE!

Luke and I had about a month of “nothings going right” nothing seemed to be falling into place and I couldn’t get my head around how everything was going to work, we also had issues with the venue not being nearly as accommodating as they should have! It most definitely got to the point where had the deposit not have been paid (and at this point was non refundable) I would have cancelled the wedding altogether and looked for another venue!

There’s been lots of tears (from me) and a fair bit of stress that’s for sure!! Luckily Luke and I work well together as a team, so at least it didn’t put pressure on us as a couple.

There is a silver lining however and things are starting to level out and fall into place (about time though!)

The list is slowly starting to get ticked off, and I can now add food tasting and menu choices and cake tasting to the list of things that have been done.

Invites have been sent out and RSVP’s received Luke and I have also done our table plans, which was fun, our come the whiteboard and pens, I mean it basically felt like Disney planning all over again!!

So how’s it going you might very well ask…….

Okay I think……….