Being in “Tier 4” and subsequently in yet another lockdown was not how I had hoped 2021 would be kicking off, as I’m sure many of you out there also didn’t foresee! BUT hopefully the rest of the year will pan out a little smoother for us all, and normality or at least some of it will return.

I actually learnt a few lessons by the many mistakes I made during the oh so long first 2020 lockdown and decided that if we were ever plunged into such madness again I would most definitely be doing things differently!

So far so good, I am sticking to my plan……

Here are 5 things I’m doing differently in lockdown 3.0

1. Wearing a bra – It may sound silly but I spent most of the first lockdown “bra-less” which isn’t my finest look, but it was just so comfy and I mean come on, when can you actually get away with not wearing a bra for months on end, it was I have to say a joy. HOWEVER when I had to return to civilianisation and put the bra back on they were so uncomfortable, and fitted and tight, I was not used to that restriction. So I decided that during every other lockdown that was thrown my way I would make sure that everyday i put on a bra! Happy to say I’ve stuck to it!

2. Wearing fitted clothes – Again this may sound silly but during lockdown number 1 I wore nothing but oversized loose fitting clothes with plenty of room in them. Unfortunately when lockdown was lifted I had massive body hang ups as none of my clothes felt right. I mean yes they fitted, but they FITTED, no loose comfy wearing dresses! I was in despair spending ages in front of the mirror changing multiple times, trying to find something that didn’t feel so snug! This time round I’m mixing it up with fitted clothes, but allowing some days for lounge wear (fitted but comfy lounge wear)

3. Making an effort with my appearance – As a girl who always does her hair and makeup I used my time in lockdown to let it slide a bit. I’d apply make up in 10 minutes using only …. ONE make up brush, I mean I basically looked over bronzed most of the time with pink cheeks, not my usual look, honest!! So I decided that throughout any other lockdown I would make a nice little effort in my appearance. I love makeup and applying it so every morning I spend time applying my products using all my brushes, and putting on my fake eyelashes. It makes me feel so much better I find. I do still only wash my hair once a week mind you, still baby steps right!

4. Stop being a fridge raider – I can honestly say that during lockdown 1.0 the fridge would like call my name, and I’d go running every time and return with some deliciously unhealthy snack. And then of course there was the baking I did, you know the banana breads, flap jacks and cheesecakes, I mean they just BEGGED to be eaten, so I happily obliged (rude not too) Oh and let’s not forget the evening snacks I consumed, the list is long!! It’s all fun and games until life starts to move again and lockdown is lifted. I noticed little muffin tops and bingo wings and even a slight double chin beginning to form. But I only had my self to blame! So during all other lockdowns I am making sure to eat a healthy breakfast, lovely salad for lunch and a healthy dinner, snacks in moderation are fine, but at least now I’ve found the off switch!!

5. Move more – Okay again this may sound slightly silly but during the first lockdown I made my way through many Netflix films and series, and once spent an entire day playing animal crossing new horizons, and believe me when I say a whole day, I actually mean it! So I decided no more couch potato, I need to busy myself doing things, cleaning out food cupboards, dusting in those hard to reach nooks and crannies, changing round furniture, anything is better than an entire day spent on my Nintendo switch!!

I THINK I’m pretty much sticking whole heartedly to the list, I have the occasional blip where I may snack on a Thursday, Friday AS WELL as Saturday, but I’m definitely being better than I was before!!

Now I’m just patiently waiting for some of these lockdown restrictions to be lifted…….

Leave me a comment on your lockdown routines, and anything I can add to my list.