It is well and truly Autumn here in Essex, my summer wardrobe is packed away and the Autumn attire is officially out, and I am loving it! I still can’t actually work out if I’ve put on any lockdown weight, or if I’m just not used to wearing fitted clothes, I’m so used to wearing over sized clothes with no bra which I’ve been doing for the last 6 and bit months (surely I’m not the only one….) But clothes do seem a little tighter than I would have ideally liked – I’ll need to work on that!!

I usually like to start off every new month with a new post, and even more so when we enter the autumnal season. But the truth is I’m just not feeling it right now! I’m not entirely fully into the happy autumn spirit yet which of course I’m sad about, but I can’t help to still be wishing this year away. It’s been a mad, mad year for everyone and I just want to get to Christmas Eve and breath a sigh of relief!!

I am lacking the confidence I had found in myself over the last 2 years and I don’t feel like me right now. I miss getting up and getting dressed and I miss having plans for the weekend! My diary is just so bare!!

Anyway enough pondering on things that I cannot control, let’s get back to October, the spooky month!! I have always loved the seasons September through to December, and even though there’s the dark cloud always lingering over us (Covid) I am DETERMINED to TRY and fully embrace them!

Every year I like to make an October list of little things I want to do, and I’m not planning on letting a global pandemic stop me!!

I’m keeping my list pretty low key, and just going with the flow, no need for extravagant gestures, it’s more about spending time together with Luke and Hunter, whilst trying to adjust to these crazy times AND remembering to take my face mask out with me!

So here’s my October 2020 list!!

* Do a scary movie marathon – Obviously it’s on my list, because I LOVE a scary movie! But watching them during the spooky season is even more exciting!

* Visit a Pumpkin Patch – Nothing screams Happy Halloween more than a visit to one of Essex’s Pumpkin Patches! I went last year, and although it was far busier than I thought it would be, I feel it should be mine and Lukes tradition!!

* Carve a Pumpkin – Well if I’m visiting a Pumpkin Patch to pick my Pumpkins then I’m definitely going to spend an evening getting messy and carving them!

* Drink hot apple cider and eat S’mores sitting outside by our fire pit – CUTE, CUTE, CUTE right! I mean our garden needs to be done so that we can set out the fire pit and sit outside on a chilly evening, but once we do it’ll be perfect.

* Autumnal walks – I love putting on my wellies wrapping up warm and heading outdoors on a little walking adventure, and it’s even better this year as we have Hunter to take out and about, and I just know he’s going to love it!!

* Make homemade candy apples – Okay it’s a first for me, but seriously HOW hard can they be? And it’ll be something fun for Luke and I to do on a date day!

* Create a Halloween playlist – LOVE this idea which I stole from Pinterest, I’m going to find between 10 to 15 of the cheesiest, creepiest spooktacular songs!!

* Eat lots of Candy Corn – I LOVE candy corn, and seeing as its candy corn day on October 30th it would be pretty rude not to join in and eat bags and bags of candy corn, which I need to source from America!!

* Go on an Autumnal picnic – I love picnics so nothing is better for me than going on an autumnal picnic, I may even pack a bottle of Prosecco in the picnic hamper!!

* Bake banana & pumpkin seed bead – Why not head back into the kitchen and get baking, how delicious will banana and pumpkin bread be with a hot steamy mug of tea!!

If you have any cute date ideas for the spooky month then drop me comment below, and I’ll check them out.

Happy Monday