Happy September everyone!!!!

I feel like I have been waiting for September for ever, it’s like my time is finally here, my favourite seasons are just around a corner, and I couldn’t be happier!!

I have my winter case out and literally cannot wait to pack away the summer wear! Although September is that month when it can be really warm, so I’m keeping out the summer attire out for a few more weeks, just in case we are lucky and get a beautiful Indian summer.

It’s a weird September for me this year because for the last 6 years I have always had a holiday booked, be it Florida or Seychelles, so this September although long awaited is bittersweet, as my diary is bare and I have nothing to look forward too!!!!!

I know dry my tears, and move on, this is 2020 after all, and it’s not just my plans that have suffered! Luke and I were planning a lovely holiday for this September which we were due to book in March, and then BOOM hello Covid-19 and lockdown!!

Although we have visited beautiful Cornwall this year we have also spoken about maybe doing another “staycation” this October/November time, although we probably won’t as we can never agree on where to go or a date, such an indecisive pair at times!!

Whatever we do or do not decide I am planning to fully embrace the pretty season of Autumn, cosy coco nights, marshmallows, watching movies snuggled up with a blanket! Possibly a firework display although to be honest I’m not quite sure if that will go ahead giving the current situation!

This is also Hunters first autumn, I can’t wait to see him bounding through the leaves near my parents house in his Barbour jacket!!

The first part of this year may have been a complete right off but with the new season brings new opportunities & challenges, and it’s time to embrace them all.

Have a great Tuesday guys