Day 5

And the rain came down ….. after 4 days of beautiful sunshine I woke up to the sound of rain and grey skies.

Luckily I packed fully prepared for British summertime weather, so the rain wasn’t going to stop me!

We headed off around midday in search of Merlin’s cave, which I had seen from a distance when I first arrived, but didn’t venture down too.

The rain was pretty torrential and I’m sure my rain mac was starting to leak a little!! Still I really did want to see as much as I could whilst I was here.

The cave is actually part of Tintagel castle (but you need to prebook tickets for that and we hadn’t which is why we just did the cave) There is a lot of history, myths and stunning scenery at Tintagel Castle which is set high on Cornwall’s rugged north coast. Linked with the legend of King Arthur it’s a pretty interesting place to visit. As I mentioned we didn’t book tickets to the castle although really it looks fascinating and steeped in so much history, but we were able to visit Merlin’s cave, which is free.

Okay, it was BUSY, like there was a long NO SOCIAL DISTANCING queue stretching down the steps to the cave, I was definitely intrigued to see what was in the cave, a shrine to Merlin himself maybe OR someone dressed up as Merlin (or is that too Disney?) either way it must be something good as I was in a long(ish) queue!!

After a good 10 minutes of waiting in the rain (did I even mention that it was raining?) I was finally down on the beach and heading towards the cave of wonders! Excited much! Finally I was there at the opening of the cave, okay, nothing to see just yet, but maybe if I go in a little further…… so I did, and a little further more, Hunter was now looking up at me with a face that was questioning what all the fuss was a actually about, and then it kind of hit me, this was JUST A CAVE! There was no shrine or Merlin, it was just cold, damp and echoey (which Hunter seemed to enjoy) oh and people were pushing in front too….. not really worth the wait! I made a quick exit, followed by Luke and Hunter! Okay so I wasn’t that impressed, maybe if I’d seen the whole castle too there may have been a bigger WOW factor, but a cave is a cave, so I’m not recommending it on this occasion.

There was some good photo opportunities on the rocks below and we had a little wet packed lunch, however I only ate half a bagel as I was saving myself for something far better…..

The walk back to the car park from the castle & cave was TOUGH, it’s all fun and games going down the hill to get to your destination but the hill back up is TORTURE!! You have been warned!

Whilst the others in our group went on to have a little stroll around Tintagel, Luke and I went to get ingredients to make a Bloody Mary and head home to start prepping dinner….

OKAY so here’s the really exciting bit about my Thursday, Luke AKA the best boyfriend in the world ordered us a Burger & Lobster lobster roll! Can we just take a second to appreciate that! I haven’t had one at all this year (thank you COVID-19) and when I got an email saying that they now do nationwide delivery, Luke jumped on it and got 6 (not all for me, honest) delivered to our “staycation” home in Tintagel Cornwall!!

It was quite possibly the BEST delivery I have ever seen, I was starving and couldn’t wait to start prepping!!

The price of a Burger & Lobster lobster roll kit is £28 for 2, and inside the kit is EVERYTHING you need to make your very own B&L authentic lobster roll!!

It was DELICIOUS, it was as good as if I was sat in one of the London restaurants, I was in my element, and sooooooo happy!! You know this girl loves a lobster roll!!

We finished the night off by watching the hangover part 2 (my personal favourite) with some unhealthy snacks, it was cute and cosy and a perfect end to the day.