Happy Saturday!!

It’s “STAYCATION” time guys! FINALLY!!

YES after months of uncertainty and thinking that this mini getaway may be cancelled I can confirm that I am sitting in the car heading to Cornwall for a week of fun in the sun (or at leat I hope it’ll be sunny!)

The drive is long (really long, like 5 hours long) and the road trip started at 4am this morning (yawn) I’m sure at some point on this journey my eyes will close and I will sleep for an hour or two (I make the perfect passenger!)

I have never been to Cornwall before but have heard that it’s a beautiful part of Britain, with beautiful scenery and stunning beaches, that I can’t wait to explore!

It’s also a little more exciting as Hunter is with us on his first holiday!! I can’t wait to take him on the beach, he’s going to love digging in the sand, and hopefully splashing in the sea, although he’s not yet encountered too much water so we’ll see how that goes.

This is a Kendal family trip as I’m going with Luke and his family, so I’m going to enjoy chilling and going with the flow, instead of writing itinerary’s and making sure everyone is up at 6am and out the door by 7am (typical Florida holiday!)

With absolutely everything that has been going on since March I am so glad our mini break is still going ahead. A break away is very much needed, and will make a welcome change to the four walls we currently live in (although I do love my house, we’ve not really left it much in 4 months!)

I have my face mask, lots of hand gel and cleaning products, literally taking absolutely NO chances, better to be safe than sorry!

I’m excited to visit Cornwall having heard lots of good things about it, I really want a Cornish ice cream and I’m sure Luke will be wanting to try a traditional Cornish pasty!

Hunters first trip away, it’s definitely a dear diary moment!

Have a great weekend everyone