Monday – It was a Hunter and me kind of day today, I had originally planned on course work, but decided that could wait and I would instead spend my time with Hunter out in the sunshine, watching him chase butterflies and bugs and birds. I don’t I’ll ever got bored of seeing him leap around the garden. Although YES he does test my patience on a daily basis! Essex has been blessed with warm weather once again and I intend to make the very most of it before July comes and some form of normality returns.

Tuesday – Okay let me start by saying – I WON THE TUESDAY NIGHT VIRTUAL FAMILY QUIZ! FINALLY after weeks and weeks I got first place with a pretty decent 37 points! I mean I feel like my entire Tuesday has just been me gearing up for the quiz and not doing much else to be honest!! I do enjoy our traditional Tuesday night quizzes, it’s great to see everyone and have some light hearted family banter.

Wednesday – Hello rain & Thunder! The long awaited storms have finally descended on Essex, although I actually love a good thunderstorm, I love listening to the rain and watching the lightning dance across the skies, from the safety of my own home of course! As the weather was wet and slightly more chilly that it had previously been I got down to more coursework, it’s a little monotonous but I have a goal and I REALLY intend to reach that goal!!

Thursday – A warmer day today, but still a little overcast, a perfect day to do some cleaning, followed by a full set of classic lashes on my model doll! I like to keep on practicing the classic lashes so that it stays fresh in my mind and know what I’m doing when the time comes and I can once again practice on real people!

Friday – Today it was lashes, lashes, lashes for me! Classic sets and lash lifts, I needed to practice and I decided that I would dedicate an entire day to doing just that! I LOVE lashes and to be exceptionally good at doing them is my end goal! I am just starting learning the Russian volume technique, although so far that is proving a lot more difficult, still practice makes perfect! Hunter was chilled today and spent his time sleeping in the kitchen where I was working, he has to be near me or Luke at all time’s, his separation anxiety is quite bad since lockdown unfortunately.

With a weekend full of social distancing family time I am hoping for sunshine so we can sit out in the garden and not freeze or get rained on!