Hello everyone!

And happy Monday

Today I thought I’d throw in a little Would You Rather post. I saw this originally on Pinterest and thought it had some really good questions! Luke and I sometimes play this whilst we’re eating dinner, or travelling in the car to pass the time. Let me know down below what you’d choose, it’s just for fun after all!

Would you rather

1. Spend a night at a 5* resort OR Spend a night in a tent camping? – I love nice 5* resorts and have been lucky enough to stay in a few, but camping I haven’t done since I was little, and I like the idea of getting in my sleeping bag and cosying on down for the night (just one night right) So I have to say a night camping for me!

2. Sail around the world OR climb Mount Everest? – Definitely sail around the world! Climbing Everest would be AMAZING but I had enough trouble combatting Mount Snowdon, and I’m hazarding a guess that Everest would prove to be an even bigger challenge!! But to sail around the world would be a once in a lifetime experience.

3. Visit every country in the world OR go to space?- TOUGH ONE! But I guess it would have to be visit every country in the world. Although going to space would be out of this world (literally) it seems a little lonely. But to stay on this planet and travel, seeing all the culture and meeting different nationalities would be a tick off of the bucket list.

4. Be rich and not travel OR be poor and travel all the time? EASY, be poor and travel all the time! Imagine having all that money and never doing anything with it! No thank you!

5. Road trip around USA OR road trip around Europe? USA for sure every time! Exploring America is something I can’t wait to do!

6. Go on an Alaskan cruise OR go on a Caribbean cruise? – Okay another toughie! I’m going with Alaskan cruise, I can imagine the scenery to be breathtaking.

7. African safari OR overwater bungalow – It has to be the African Safari, I mean that would be truly amazing! Luke has actually already done this in his teenage years and has said he’d love to take me one day, so maybe it’s on the cards!

So now let me throw the questions back to you, what would you rather? Leave your comments below.