Hi, hope everyone had a lovely weekend! It was so warm here in Essex, the summer dress was on and we spent most of our time sat out in the back garden, which Hunter of course loved, but there was no time for relaxing as Hunter just wanted to play!! Honestly life with a puppy is exhausting!

The weather from Sunday onwards has been windy and cold! Summer dress away, warmer clothes on!

So big(ish) news here in the UK – Lockdown has been amended (not lifted) but slightly loosened if you like. We can now do unlimited outdoor activities, so I can take Hunter out more than one walk a day, I think some stores are going to start to open, like garden centres and home stores and construction companies and factory employees can start to return to work.

It’s all a bit confusing really, as I think (from what I’ve heard) you are allowed to go into a store and mix with strangers but the rule about seeing your family still remains as a big no no.

The message wasn’t really all that clear because we are still in lockdown, just a lighter lockdown, so basically we are all still in limbo, or at least that’s how I feel.

It’s all starting to get really tough now to be honest, I haven’t seen my family properly since March. I haven’t hugged them, haven’t stepped foot inside their house, haven’t just met up for a chat, it’s now starting to get really difficult. I used to see my sister everyday as we work together so to say it’s tough is now an understatement.

I’m very apprehensive and anxious about everything to come, I certainly don’t feel comfortable about stepping foot in a garden centre, and it will be a really long time before I will head into any store, big or small. I am happy to work from safely from home and am lucky enough to have a job that allows me to do so.

I still feel as though absolutely everything is up in the air, and we are all almost walking on broken glass, carefully trying to side step the sharp pieces.

I know it’s not a very encouraging or upbeat post today, I think I just held out more hope that I cared to let on about our prime ministers speech last night.

Limbo is the worst place to be in.