I had every intention of packing away the winter clothes and getting summer ready today, but when it came down to it I couldn’t face looking at all my cute size 6/8 summer wear knowing that chances are they are going to be too small due to the LOCKDOWN WEIGHT I’ve undoubtably gained?? I think both Luke and I are a little guiltily of indulging on unhealthy snacks during the lockdown period, so we’ve both added a few pounds here and there!

So because it’s going to be super depressing when everything is just too tight, I’ve put that plan on hold to give myself a bit more time and maybe, just maybe shift some unwanted lockdown weight!

I have started editing my old vlogs from Florida 2017, I had initially held off of doing it as I am around 3st heavier back then and very unhappy. But as I feel like I may start to be slipping into unhealthy routines and habits again I thought it was time to edit and get those published. I mean to be fair they have a lot of good content in them from our busy trip, but it’s also a constant reminder of what I don’t want to ever get back too size wise and how sad I was with being so big. When your walking through Magic Kingdom and your thighs are slapping and rubbing together you know it’s time to make a change!!

I think one of the main reasons I’m feeling bigger (eating rubbish aside) is because mainly I’m wearing loose fitting clothing, so when I put an item of clothing on that is fitted alarm bells automatically start going off because now I feel FAT! For the most part of lockdown I’ve either been in loungewear or my loose fitting jeans and a top or t shirt, it’s really been a while since I last wore something that fitted!

Actually I do miss getting dressed up in nice clothes, I mean since we got Hunter I’ve spent most of my time in older clothes as he has a tendency to jump and chew and catch your clothing so I’ve been rocking out the older attire so it doesn’t matter if they get a little ruined! Hopefully he’ll start growing out of that and I can once again wear a nice Ralph Lauren jumper, or some nice Ralph Lauren deck shoes, with a designer bag that he won’t try and eat – love him ???

So in other news here is Essex (especially where I live) lockdown has been lifted! YAYYYY which means we are all free to socialise with family members and pretty much go back to normal….. I mean I didn’t know lockdown had been lifted it must have happened whilst I was sleeping or something, but yeah everyone seems to be hanging out with family members and friends so I guess Covid-19 has vanished?

Okay surely it can’t just be me who is finding this super frustrating? I mean here I am locked up with Luke sticking to all the rules, not seeing my family, and I’m not seeing too many others doing the same if I’m honest. Complacency is a very dangerous thing, and I don’t know why people are risking it, it makes me angry and upset, because I haven’t seen my family who I miss very much!!

At least when all this starts to blow over I can safely say that I didn’t break any social distancing rule, not even so much as steeping into a garden, it wasn’t worth it. Keeping my loved ones safe was far more important.