I have had the most unproductive Monday I have had since LOCKDOWN started! And I feel like I have completly wasted an entire day! Not cool!!

Firstly I woke up late, and by late i’m talking 10am, although is that even late anymore, it’s just kind of become the new norm at the moment! I then stayed in my PJ’s before hitting the shower at around 11.45am.

I spent the rest of the day glued to my phone sorting out my social media sites! And okay, it was something I needed to do, but I still can’t help but to think I just wasted a day.

I am planning to try and be a little more productive on Tuesday, I need to sort out my dressing room and at some point I need to make the transition from winter clothes to summer clothes, except it’s still pretty chilly here in essex, and for the most part I’m still wearing jeans!

I’m sure my hair is due a wash, so I’ll do that, and maybe even add a splash of colour to my nails, since they have been naked for WEEKS!

Lockdown is all about motivating yourself inside of your 4 walls and garden, and sitting on my sofa is not good motivation!