If we’re honest with ourselves, we are all a little guilty of using some kind of photo editing app at some point. Even if you no longer use it, you most probably have edited a few photos at some stage.

I CONFESS I was a HUGE insta filter and filter fan for quite sometime, up until the point where Luke actually pointed out that he looked pretty fake in some of our Sunday selfies due to the amount of filter applied….. ooops! GUILTY!

As a blogger I love sharing content and photos and whilst I like all photos to be true to life I do like a little tweak here and there. A splash more colour ,or a sharper outline there’s nothing wrong with cleaning up a good photo.

But how far is too far when downloading apps to edit photos?

Whilst browsing in the App Store recently I came across an app called photo editor make up camera which instantly stood out to me, because of the words which read “changing your figure makes you more sexy

Whilst I’m all for a bit of tweaking here and there, it’s pretty wrong to advertise an app that actually states that changing your figure makes your feel sexy – IE the slimmer you are the sexier you are.

Because the app is free to download I decided check it out!

So as I mentioned this is a free app – and as it clearly states changing your figure makes you more sexy and beautiful.

This app not only makes you slimmer, and makes you taller, it also gives you boobs, makes your face thinner and your forehead, as well as retouching your face to make it smoother.

I decided of to have a go at editing some of my photos! This app is free and is available to millions of teenagers, many of who are already obsessed with appearances and the pressures of looking good.

App downloaded I decided to use 3 different photos to change the appearances of myself. 2 photos at from Florida 2019 and 1 random selfie from the beginning of this year. The pictures on the left are originals the pictures on the right are photoshopped. I haven’t gone OTT with the editing and tried to keep it as realistic as possible.

So here we go, first photo is me at Epcot 2019, untouched photo on the left, but on the right I have made my waist smaller, boobs bigger and I am taller!!

2nd photo is my bikini photo (cringe) but anyways, smaller waist, slimmer thighs, bigger boobs AND taller And finally I am using the facial photoshop app for my final photo! Which quite frankly just makes me look plain weird! Very smooth features, and very unnatural looking!!This one I let it do the retouch for me, as it kind of decided what I needed. So I didn’t interfere and try and change it in anyway.

The thing that really gets me is not only does excessive use of Photoshop photos send out a poor message, but it also can cause low self-esteem and body image issues.

I’m pretty honest and open in my blogs that I have suffered with weight issues, and have for many years seen myself as fat and chubby, even after loosing weight I still sometimes revert back to seeing myself as bigger, I am my biggest critique.

Looking at the photos of course I prefer having bigger boobs, and being taller, and I would love to have a slimmer waistline but the photos are not a true reflection of who I am.

I am only 5ft, I have always had big thighs and I have hips too!

There is nothing wrong with photoshopping images as I said before, making an image look sharper or enhancing colour, but I think you have to know where to draw the line. And the line should be drawn at giving yourself bigger boobs and making yourself slimmer and changing your appearance so its not a true resemblance of you. Being skinny does not make you look more sexy.

Be confident in your own skin, and love you, it’s who you are!

I have days where I feel completely ugly and fat and days where I feel good about myself, just take the rough with smooth and roll with it.