1.35am and I was still WIDE awake! My body clock is so out of a routine!! Laying awake until the early the hours and getting up late is just the new normal right now!

It’s so weird laying here getting lost in a million thoughts, thinking how strange it is that I walked out of work over a month ago and haven’t yet returned, I mean really who could ever have thought that this would be happening to us all right now!

I’m now at that dangerous stage for me personally as thoughts of complacency creep into my head. What harm could it possibly do if I pop into my parents house for a cup of tea, or can we just go and sit in Lukes parents garden, how about having my sister and her boyfriend over……. I think about it, but WOULD never act on it.

But it still hasn’t fully sunken in yet, I mean it has and it hasn’t, if that makes ANY sense at all. I distanced myself from the news because of all the scare mongering but obviously I am well aware of the fatalities that the uk has had let alone the rest for the world, so whilst that part is so very real, when I’m at home doing things or out for a walk with Luke and Hunter the world almost seems normal and I have to to take a second to remember that it’s really not.

Luke and I had big plans for 2020, I mean didn’t we all? But all of those plans went out the window and in replace of those plans came adapting! Adapting to life living thorough the Covid-19 pandemic.

I know the world will begin to “spin again” and lockdown will be lifted and life will resume, but I kind of have that knot in the pitt of my stomach now wondering what life will be like after lockdown. A part of me thinks that it will go back to exactly the way it was, the other part of me knows that I’m being very naive.

The future is still so uncertain, and I think adapting will continue to be part of our lives for a long time to come