I’m not sure where the warm weather has gone? It’s been particularly chilly here in Essex, luckily I am used to the British weather so didn’t jump the gun and pack away all my warm cloths and replace with cute summer outfits- which to be fair probably don’t even fit me this year due to the “quarantine weight gain” I mean that is a thing right?

So apart from Luke the other guy in my life is of course Hunter! And yes I am fully aware that I am a full on proud puppy parent, but come on he’s just the cutest!

Luke, Hunter and I have been spending a lot of time together (24/7) since lockdown started 5 weeks ago, and Luke and myself are just amazed at how much our little dude has changed in a short amount of time.

For one he’s HUGE now! And still growing! He is very boisterous around the house as his confidence has grown (with him) He has these cute set little habits, like groaning in his sleep, or greeting Luke and I in the mornings with a teddy, and a very waggley tail.

He still sleeps for the most part of the day, with the mad 30 minute “zoomies” then in the evenings he sleeps from around 8ish/9ish, until it’s time for bed (for Luke and I at the moment that’s usually about 1 in the morning) Hunter then continues his sleep in his cozy crate until about 9 in the morning – a Vizsla who just loves his sleep, which is ideal because Luke and I LOVE our sleep too!

My latest worry/stress with Hunter right now is of course separation anxiety, he is just so used to us both being here and starts to get anxious if we disappear into another room or leave him alone for even the shortest amount of time. I worry about what will happen when lockdown ends, and Luke and I go back to full time work!

Of course it’s kind of a silly thing to even worry about right now as who knows what the future is going to hold! So putting that worry to one side Luke and I were talking about things we can’t wait to do with Hunter, training classes being a TOP priority of course, but that aside we can’t wait to take him to the beach so he can see the sea, I’ve heard that vizslas usually love to swim and are pretty good at it, so I can’t wait to see if our little dude will follow suit! We also cannot wait to jump in the car and head off on some long walk somewhere new which will make such a difference to the standard walks we are doing at the moment which are all local. I’m so excited about all the adventures we get to have with him, and can’t wait for him to meet more of our family and friends who didn’t have the chance to meet him before lockdown!