Genuinely couldn’t remember what day of the week it was today, I thought it was Tuesday and when I checked with Luke he looked puzzled and had to check on his phone! That’s terrible isn’t it, when you really have no idea what day of the week your on, everyday just continues to roll right into the next.

I have spent the last 2 weeks of lockdown editing Florida videos, which I have really grown to enjoy doing. It started off a bit a shaky as I couldn’t get the hang of it, however persistence paid off and I’m now editing and cutting and putting in sound tracks left right and centre! It’s also really lovely for me to watch the videos back and remember all those happy time’s. I even threw in a little NYC 2019 photo montage to cheer up my sister.

I’m trying to get back into routines, eating, sleeping, getting up in the mornings, because up until recently both Luke and myself have been all over the place! Watching movies until 2 in the morning getting up everyday at 10am, and then I’ve fallen into this trap of snacking whenever it takes my fancy!! Not exactly a healthy lifestyle!

Absolutely missing my family, and so uncertain as to how long this big mess will continue to disrupt the world. It feels like lockdown has been in place for years rather than weeks. I remember feeling scared and anxious in the beginning, having no idea how this was all going to pan out. Well 4 weeks on and I’m still none the wiser! Some days I feel a little scared and anxious, other days I’m annoyed that the country and the world has been brought to its knees by something we cannot see or touch. Then there are the other time’s when I wonder what the world will be like when we return to “normality” will it be like the Hunger Games, and I’ll be walking around in a leather outfit with a crossbow? Or will it be more like the walking dead where we spend the rest of lives avoiding “walkers” – and honestly in both scenarios I wouldn’t do too well! Luke on the other hand would!

Some nights I lay awake wondering about everything from work, to holidays and even Christmas! Worrying that life will never be the same again. And then other nights I cosy down and snuggle next to Luke with Hunter settled in his crate his heavy breathing and snoring bringing me comfort and making me smile knowing that I couldn’t wish to be in lockdown with anyone else than my two boys.

Still as uncertain as I was 4 weeks ago, all plans on hold, and really only time will tell.