Why do you stay at home? Who do you stay at home for? It’s a question I’ve been thinking about a lot recently.

A whilst I see on the news and social media that many of the nation find it seamlessly impossible to stay at home and keep to the social distancing guidelines there still are the majority that have and continue to do so.

Luke and I can safely say that since lockdown started we have not let anyone into our garden let alone our home, and have kept 6ft away from everyone including family. We have only seen family on the rarest of occasions, such as a birthday or dropping off some essentials, and it’s always a very short hello and a quick goodbye. It’s tough, for all of us, because we are all in the same position. Luke and I are very close to our families and April should have been a month of many celebrations. Lukes birthday, my mums birthday, Lukes dad, niece and brother in law all had birthday celebrations in April that no one could attend, and that has been really tough. I couldn’t see my mum, Lukes parents couldn’t see him, Lukes mum couldn’t see her granddaughter on her 4th birthday. We have all had to sacrifice. So who do I make these sacrifices for? For everyone, it’s simple, it’s not just for my family, and for Lukes family. It’s for everyone, whether your 9 or 90 it’s for all of you. I heard sad news today that my elderly neighbour at the top of my road had passed away on Saturday, alone in hospital without his wife who I can only assume had been together from a young age. It’s hard to put an age on them but I’d take a guess at somewhere in their 80’s they had lived at the top of my road since at least 2003 maybe even earlier. But for a devoted husband and wife he died alone unable to have any visitors. The same for Luke’s Nan who sadly passed last week, not surrounded by her children and grandchildren but all alone. And I guess that’s what gets me the most, being alone, not having anyone there with you, your loved ones, those that have always been in your life, suddenly can’t visit you, can’t say goodbye, because it’s not safe, because of Covid-19.

Whilst I would give anything to jump in my car and go to my parents for dinner, a chat and just too give them a big hug, I won’t, I’ll never break those rules, I will not break those rules because nobody should die alone, so I stay home for everyone, to give everyone a chance. I hope that you will all do the same too.