Happy Friday!

Finally got myself back on track and remembered what day of the week it was! Friday! That used to be my favourite day of the week, a day that meant that I would have to whole 2 sweet days off with Luke and Hunter. Now it just blends in with the rest of the day’s.

Today hasn’t been the best day, I didn’t wake up until gone 10 am, a bad habit I think I’m getting into, that and going to bed late, like 2 in the morning late! Seriously I do need to get out of this otherwise I’ll never cope when life returns to normality! So getting up late is never a good start to the day, I then had a day of dedicated cleaning, a job I don’t really like, but it’s a necessity of course. After that I set aside the afternoon to edit vlog number 3, which I did all by self – thumbs up, and then the computer crashed and I didn’t save my work and subsequently lost it….. thumbs down! Absolutely gutted as it took 4 hours (I’m still learning so I’m not as fast as Luke!) So that now all needs to be redone, Saturday’s job!!

I’ve been in a proper snacking mood today, which is never ideal, i keep opening that fridge I cupboard and creeping back to the sofa with something else. Today I didn’t even fancy my usual dog walk, although I did go, as it’s important for not only Luke and I but Hunter too. I’m in that mood where I want to wear big baggy clothes, comfort eat and hide away! It’s definitely just been “one of those days” where the smallest thing will either upset me or make me feel sad.

Current position this evening is sat on the cuddle chair with Hunter watching horror movies, pj’s on, and Lukes hoodie to keep me warm (it’s seriously chilly outside) tomorrow is another day, a better day I hope.