Hey there all you cool cats and kittens…… sorry I’m obsessed with Tiger King! I watched it during the first week of lockdown and now I just find myself aimlessly scrolling on line for funny tiger memes….. anyone else want to admit they do that?….

So how was the weekend for you guys? Mine was pretty chilled, a nice couple of dog walks, and a quick trip to drop some essential bits on my nan’s doorstep! Other than that we just hung out in the house, following the government guidelines. And I have to stay how frustrating it is to read that some people still don’t get the terminology of the word “LOCKDOWN”. I’m sure like me you have seen the pictures circulating of people heading out to the parks, beaches and other public areas to enjoy the sunshine we had this weekend, it’s just infuriating! We are all having to sacrifice – from those who are working on the frontline, to everyone who isn’t able to see their parents, brothers, sisters, nans, grandads, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, to even the children who have had their whole little worlds thrown upside down due to Covid-19. We are all having to sacrifice in order for this to be done so that we can all get back to living a “normal” life. So it’s very frustrating when you see people treating this like a holiday!!

Monday rant over, it was time to busy myself by doing absolutely anything I could! Which today was watching back my Florida holiday footage that we filmed on our 2019 trip. My god it seemed like forever ago that I was walking down Main Street USA but actually it was only 7 months ago. How can everything be so different less that a year later? Reminiscing was lovely, and moving on from 2019 I decided to watch our 2017 footage too! The videos need some editing which is on my list for the quarantine period! I’ve not edited before so it’ll be fun to hopefully learn!!

With today looking pretty chilled and with one very unhappy puppy on my hands who wants every bit of my attention because he’s teething at the moment. I feel so sorry for him, he can’t even sleep as all he wants to do is chew something, even with his eyes closed trying to fall asleep, love him. And then he also wants constant cuddles, I mean it’s like having a child (or not, maybe a teething baby is worse) but it feels like I have a small child at least!!

Anyways with my day not looking to full on I threw in a little Couples Quiz, I’m seeing quite a few of these on Facebook at the moment, and it passes the time, and like I’ve said before it definitely alleviate’s my boredom!!


?How did we meet – On a night out in Town

?Where was our first date – At our local cinema where we watched Insidious 2

? How long have we been together – 6 years and 3 months

??Who was interested in who first – I think I was more interested in Luke, I don’t think he actually noticed me at first!

?Who said I love you first – Luke said it to me 4 months after we met, and 3 months after our first date

?????Who is more impatient- Most definitely me

?????Who is more sensitive- Yep I am, even more so if it’s “that time of the month!”

?????Who is most stubborn- Unfortunately I have a very stubborn streak, and Luke tells me not to cut my nose off to spite my face, I still do though!

?Who falls asleep first – Luke! As soon as his head hits the pillow, it’s annoying! It takes me a while but I can hear him snoring almost immediately!

?Who is more romantic- Me, I am the romantic one, I think we would both agree on that. I remember (and recall) every detail of most of our dates. I like to celebrate thing, anniversaries etc and I put maximum effort into what I do

?Who is the better cook – Both of us, Luke makes a really good gnocchi but I cook more.

??Who is most competitive- Luke 100%, whether it’s running, Tough Mudder, a Spartan or game!

?Who is a better morning person – Most definitely me, Luke needs 10 alarms to get him up!

?Who’s Taller – Luke ????? it’s not hard though as I am only 5ft!

?Worst temper – It’s me ?????(Luke is so chilled)

Loudest: And it’s me again!!?

?Funniest: Me – of course! Although Luke does have his moments!

? Better singer: As if I even have to answer this…. ME ?

? Most adventurous: Luke is but being with him has made me more adventurous, and I like to get stuck in to things that I wouldn’t have before getting with Luke!

?Most organised: Me, me, me! Luke is a nightmare I have to say!

? Stresses most: Me, I stress about everything and anything!

?? Travelled the most: I think we are both equally travelled and are both keen to travel more!

? Best with money: Luke, he’s so good with finances and money, and I really try to be like him! Before I met him and settled down, I was a serial spender!

Ending my blog here for today, as you e probably guessed the rest of the day was taken up with a walk, dinner and a movie – Rattlesnake on Netflix, it was a bit frustrating but it was okay!

Tomorrow is another day

Safe safe everyone