Happy Friday!!

Well I had a very PRODUCTIVE start to a bright Friday morning! I did exactly what I said I was going to do! Got up and CLEANED! Skirting boards, doors, door handles, toilets, kitchen, windows! I SCRUBBED! And it felt SO good!!!! Hunter was actually a good pup and didn’t wine as much as I thought he might do, he seemed to just stay in his bed pretty settled and content.

Cleaning was actually very therapeutic! I really enjoyed getting in those nooks and crannies getting out the dust, downside was I found a spider lurking – AND I HATE SPIDERS!!

Sticking with what I said I was going to do after the cleaning I showered, shaved those legs, tanned and did my make up! Complete with BIG volume strip lashes!! and although I drew the line at straightening my hair – because why bother with damaging it with GHD’s when your not actually going out anywhere other than the field to walk the dog, where you hope you won’t bump into anyone because of Covid -19! I mean there is no point, so I left the hair to it’s own devices, but I’m kind of feeling a little bit more like me instead of slob about lazy Lisa, and it’s actually a really nice feeling!!

After lunch, which has now become 2 rice cakes with peanut butter and a few nuts , I tried my hand at cookie baking! Yeah it didn’t go too well to be honest because once again I got carried away and went off of the recipe and did my own thing! They were meant to be peanut butter cookies (36 calories each) but then I added a banana some nutella and my special ingredient….. oats! And WAY too much baking soda which made it super salty and GROSS!! So in the bin it went!!?????

I mean at least I’m a trier though….

I shook it up a bit more today with a 20 minute clubbercise workout curtesy of my fab clubbercise instructor, it was FAB to get sweaty and get off of my slowly expanding bum!!

Dog walking was interesting tonight, when some crazy woman (she wasn’t actually crazy) but crazy because she stopped us to stroke HUNTER! I was on the phone at the time , but was speechless! This is social distancing lockdown not let me stoke your puppy happy Friday!! I was FUMING! Still am actually!!

Safely back home it was time to chill with the boys and watch a movie. The weekend is almost here, and I hear the weathers going to be good!! SO enjoy it guys, but remember to enjoy it safely and at a social distance!