I woke up at 7.30 this morning, Hunter was doing his usual ‘I need attention’ whine and when he does that, we ignore him and put him straight out for a wee. Seeing as Luke was at work yesterday in his office in London but is now working from home, I decided to let him have a little lay-in so I got up and let Hunter out. It would have been SOOOOO easy to have taken myself back to bed and slept for a good few more hours, BUT I have to remind myself that this is not the Easter or Christmas holidays, and I am desperately trying to keep some form of normality in my life right now. So not wanting to be lay-in Lisa, because I could easily do so, I decided to make a cup of tea and not go back to bed!

Obviously porridge was on the breakfast menu, I mean the day just wouldn’t be same if I couldn’t have porridge, it’s the best way to start the day! Then I decided to try and motivate a very sleepy chilled Hunter and take him outside for some playtime!!

We spent around 20/30 minuets outside in the fresh air of our safe back garden throwing the ball, playing with the raggy rope and hunting for food. I mean I won’t lie Hunter wasn’t overly impressed and would much rather have been sleeping on the sofa, BUT it is what is!! And seeing as we are limited to one walk a day, the garden is the next best place to hang out!

I must admit sitting in the garden this morning I could hear the workman still working away on the new housing development where I live their radio playing, the sun shining, it was hard not to get swept up in the normality of how life seemed for that moment.

Luke is busy working today and I’m kind of acting as his PA! I mean I’m on tea and snack making duty, and lunch, when we eat lunch! And I’m not going to lie I am SO hungry! But I’m not really! But sitting here watching episode 3 of Tiger King and all I want to do is eat, eat and eat!! If I was in work right now I wouldn’t be snacking, so WHY do I want to eat all of our supplies!!?????

We settled on a 12.45 lunch, usually I don’t eat until 1pm, BUT you know boredom and food in the fridge are not a great combination in times like this!!

2 more episodes of Tiger King later – honestly I’m obsessed, and I’m now finding myself on Pinterest, wondering what other goodies I can make/bake! I’ve got an amazing blender that Luke bought me just before we flew to Florida last September, so I’m always looking for smoothie recipes and Frappuccino ideas. I found loads on Pinterest today and decided to make a skinny shake which was super easy and super delicious. Ingredients are – 1 cup of almond milk, 1 tbsp of unsweetened cacao powder, 1 banana and 1tsp of vanilla extract. I poured this into my blender along with 15 ice cubes, and blended it all together!! It was a perfect afternoon treat before we took Hunter out for a walk.

This social distancing/isolating is soooooo boring and it’s only day 2 ????? I actually fell asleep watching Netflix ? it’s only day 2 and I am now lazy lay about Lisa!! I cannot believe I had an afternoon nap!! Doing nothing is certainly tiring!!

In desperate need of fresh air, 5pm was definitely time to take out Hunter for a little walk, he’s still only a puppy which means he doesn’t need long walks at the moment so we capped it at about 20 minutes. He’s still unsure of the outside world, I mean he loves nothing more sitting on the windowsill of our bay window watching the world go by and being extremely nosy, but when it comes to actually going outside he’s still a bit unsure! Lots of sniffing around and and pausing when cars go by, but slowly we are getting there and everyday I’m sure he’ll get more confident. He confidence in the house on the other hand is on another level, and he pushes the boundaries a little more everyday! In fact if he was a child I’d say right now he was going through the terrible two stage!! We actually didn’t see anyone else on our walk today, only a few cars driving past, but other than that the fields and path wars were eerily empty.

The days seem so long at the moment and I’m always happy for the time when I can take a nice hot long shower and put on my pj’s and settle down for the night because that represents normality and I don’t feel guilty about chilling out!

I must admit being cut off from loved ones is really hard but I find myself strangely more connected to them than ever, and that’s because we are talking on the phone more than once a day, and I am face timing my nanny everyday. I also find than I am taking the time to message friends more, whether that’s by Facebook or iMessage and WhatsApp I think it’s so important during this time to stay connected.

Sitting here this evening with my 10th, 11th, 12th – I’VE LOST COUNT cup of tea and I find my mind wondering to more self centred things like – Do I have enough glue for my strip lashes, and I wonder if I can get out and get some more lashes, or what do I do when I need my nails re-doing, or my hair, AND my makeup is running low AND I need MORE TAN! ?????????? YES I know, really not the problems that I SHOULD be focussing on right now, but I keep forgetting how life right now isn’t normal!! But come on look at the funny side, who knows what lies underneath, I mean I may be albino white under all this, it’s been so long that I’ve actually forgotten!! ?

I finished the Tiger King series and we finished off the evening by watching 2 episodes of an idiot abroad because some time’s I just need light hearted relief. I then just fell asleep on the sofa before taking my PJ’d arse off to bed!

I wonder what tomorrow will bring!!