Happy Wednesday guys!! Hope the working week isn’t too mundane. Now to climb over the hump and head toward the weekend!! In fact Hunter is running towards the weekend head on!

Hunter – Running towards the weekend!

So here I am today with a non puppy related post …. YAY!! Yes I was aware that I could become slightly boring if all I ever spoke about was Hunter, I mean do you guys really care if Hunter slept through the night and has learnt to roll over… probably not! So today I thought I would write a non Hunter related post!

2020 is really proving to be a busy one! I can’t believe that it’s March, I mean Christmas was like over 2 months ago!! Where did January (the longest month ever) and February go?

I feel like I am currently living life in the fast lane (the really fast lane!) Currently so busy with working full time, blogging, running a social media page, being a puppy parent AND….. trying to learn a brand new skill! I won’t disclose on that just yet, but it’s pretty exciting, and I can’t wait to share eventually! So yes I would say I am definitely taking 2020 head on!

With life being super busy, like honestly I don’t know how anyone has kids, I am exhausted running around after and puppy and I’m sure they are easier than a small child! But anyway with everything being crazy at the moment, I haven’t had time for much blogging, it’s unfortunately always the thing that sadly seems to suffer the most. I am still very much here, and have SO many posts to write up and share, so just bare with me.

Just for anyone wondering….. MY PUPPY IS JUST TOO CUTE!! ??