If it isn’t, then you can find me tucked up in bed until it is!

YES this is a slightly dramatic way to start my Thursday post but, honestly let me tell you, it’s really no lie that I NEED match sticks just to keep my eyes open!!

I’ve been home one whole week today (back from my 2 week trip to Florida) and let me tell you the struggle is real! Jet lag hit me hard, and this past week has been a daze! I’ve barely remembered my name, let alone what day, week, or month it is!

I am definitely NOT organised and every good intention I have of finishing work and heading on home to write up all of my wonderful memories and tips of my recent trip go straight out the window as soon as I unlock the door, and throw my self down on the snuggler chair in our lounge!

Before I know it it’s 10pm and not wanting to be TOO harsh on myself I am so zombie like, that the other night I actually asked Luke if he could blow out the curtains before he came to bed instead of the candles!

So I think it’s only fair that I have allowed myself an extra week away from lifestylelisa to try and compose myself and get some kind of normal routine going, and slowly but surely day by day I am starting to feel more human, but when I say the weekend can’t come quick enough, I really really mean it!!

This last week caffeine has been my very best friend and I am forever and eternally grateful to whoever discovered it.

But let’s look at the positives, it’s Autumn, I’m wearing thick black tights and cute little skirts, and Luke and I are busy planning our next trip!!

Oh and it’s Thursday which means the weekend is almost here! And I can’t wait to sleep and chill!

So a dramatic honest post from a tired blogger, but I’m still here, so thanks for sticking with me.

Catch you all soon.

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