Hi, hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

This weather has turned really cold here in Essex, very different from last weekend and the 20 degree heatwave we were having!!

I decided (seeing as it’s the last weekend in April) to do my Saturday in pictures! A fun blog post that I love throwing in every month. It’s a chilled blog and one that I find fun to write and read (I hope) I think it also let’s readers get to know me a little better.

Please enjoy the read!

Waking up at 7.15am on a Saturday is criminal, but this morning it was justified as I have a 9.30am hair appointment, and trust me when I say my hair needs some TLC. Even so setting my alarm on a Saturday…….. (sad face alert)

Quick shower, which now seems so much better since Luke and I got our water softener last week, it was time to get the face on! Never complete with out my makeup!

BREAKFAST!! My most favourite meal of the day, honestly I love it, whether it’s porridge or a yummy bagel with peanut butter and banana! I wake up looking forward to breakfast!!

The weather here in Essex has turned cold! Last weekend it was 22 degrees this weekend it’s 8 degrees!!’what’s with that? It’s so so cold!!

Last weekend I was in a summer dress and flip flops this week it’s jeans, jumper and boots, with one of my favourite Ralph Lauren blazers!!

Ready to GO! Can’t wait to get hair sorted and looking good again!!

Battling the wind and rain elements 09.31 and I am in the warm salon, colour on my hair and I am chilling out and gossiping with my best friend who is also my amazing hair dresser!!

It’s always lovely to have a catch up, and with Luke at the gym, I can have a good old girly gossip!!

A few hours of catching up and chatting I was done and looking seriously fresh!! And now at 12pm I was also starving as was Luke. Because of the seriously cold weather we decided that an afternoon of chilling out and doing absolutely nothing was on the cards!!

12.40pm Time for lunch with my lunch date!!

I do love Spending weekends with Luke in our house, and it’s even better when you have literally nothing to do and you can chill and cuddle on the sofa! That is my kind of perfect afternoon!!

Seeing as we going to watch avengers end game tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon Luke had decided we needed a recap of what happened in the last film, which then kind of turned into a mini marvel marathon!! The whole super hero marvel thing isn’t my favourite so I occupied myself with other things – meal planning, and reading and making a delicious smoothie!!

As it’s a chilly spring Saturday I’m making a delicious smoky paprika chilly for dinner, (I’ll list the recipe at the end) It’s actually an old slimming world recipe that I have adapted but it’s one of my favourites and super super tasty!! All I needed to do was to wait for the fruit and veg delivery……..

Luke and I have been getting our fruit and veg from the green grocers for a couple of weeks now, you can definitely taste the difference between that and generic supermarket produce. I would go as far that I don’t supermarket fruit and veg and will now avoid it at all costs. As well as tasting the difference the food items also last a lot longer.

15.30 I can now start prepping for dinner, which is all going into the slow cooker for the next 3 or so hours!!


I cut myself on a knife, I honestly wonder sometimes if I’m cut out for domestic life!

With nothing to do for the next 3 hours, it’s time for…… MORE AVENGERS, this time it’s avengers assemble, this was actually my suggestion as I have never seen it!! I really do have some catching up to do! I bet I fall asleep though!

OF COURSE I fell asleep, I have an inability to stay awake during a film, I actually annoy myself. I would say I fall asleep during the majority of films we watch at home, is that a girl thing?!

It’s still looking grey outside, but I have a VERY handsome date for tonight.

19.20 and dinner is done and we are both hungry (despite snacking throughout the day!) The chilli smells delicious, I can’t wait to tuck right in!!

I can confirm that was a truly delicious dinner, I’ll leave Luke to load the dishwasher whilst I shower and get into my comfy pj’s!!

My Saturday evening consisted off cuddles on the sofa, Britain’s got talent and the new series on Netflix called Chambers (which so far is pretty good!) Because it’s Saturday I snacked a lot! I just craved some naughty treats, I’m sure I’ll regret that in the morning!!

I just love quiet nights in, especially when they are so chilled out, and the weather is grey and horrible.

Next weekend will be very different for us as Luke and I are heading off to Lake District to climb Scarfell pike, another mountain to tick off of the list, so this weekend is a very much needed chill.

Ending my day and my blog right here

Night night everyone

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend

L xxx

*Smokey paprika chilli recipe*

2 large onions finally chopped

4 garlic cloves crushed

2 medium green chilli peppers de seeded and finally chopped

1 large red pepper

Hand full of mushrooms chopped

1 tbsp of ground cumin

1 tbsp of smoked paprika

400g can of cherry tomatoes

600ml of got vegetable stock

400g can of black beans

Quorn pieces (not Quorn mince) this could be substituted for meat if desired.

All ingredients go into the slow cooker, and leave fur around 3 hours.