Morning readers

Seriously the struggle is real today! MIDWEEK WEDNESDAY, the hardest day of the week! It’s the day where I could seriously fall asleep in my chair at my desk, I feel like I need match sticks to hold my eyes open!! WEEKEND… where are you!!

So far this week has been the worst of 2019, am I being dramatic?…. possibly a little, but it’s still been a pretty bad week, so far AND it’s only WEDNESDAY!! Why has it been a bad week you may very well wonder, well yesterday (Tuesday) a transit van went smashing into the side of my little car. Luckily no one was hurt, although I was shaking like a leaf, half with shock and half with being absolutely freezing standing at the side of the road wondering what on earth I was meant to do!! I phoned 4 members of my family before I even thought logically and started taking down the other drivers details!! I was angry at first and then came the tears, and now sitting here writing this post I am fuming!but The damage to my car looks like it may have been written off. My poor little car (tears) This week can kindly be over so I can spend the weekend with my family! And RELAX AND CHILL!!

On another down note I am still in a house with no internet or even very good signal, working solely from my phone it’s been a right nightmare trying to be a blogger without having some kind of internet access! YES the struggle really is real!

So just to confirm

  1. No car
  2. No internet
  • ?
  • Good points to the otherwise disastrous week, I attended my very first dance class Monday night. I danced a lot when I was younger and I LOVED it but gave up when I got older. I really have wanted to find a class I can attend (for adults!) and finally I have found one! I was really nervous about going on my own, but it’s 2019 and I wanted to do something different and take it out of my comfort zone. Luckily everyone was super friendly and didn’t mind me doing a step or two wrong! (Well it has been years after all) I have only done one class so far, but I will definitely be returning, I can’t wait to become a regular! It was great to get back dancing, and I was on such a high after! In fact leaving for work Tuesday morning I was in great spirits, great job, my house that I share with Luke is becoming a home, I was even get used to the drive to and from work! And then BOOM! Into the side of my car the van goes!

    Please can nothing else happen this week.

    Hope everyone else is having a better March and week than me.

    Thanks for reading lifestylelisa

    L xxx