Hi and happy Friday everyone

FRIDAY!! Oh how I have waited for you to arrive and I am SO glad you are here!

YES it’s been one of THOSE weeks, the week where it all happened! If it’s going to happen…. it happened!!!

Okay there is a chance that I am making this all sound a little more dramatic than it actually was….. but I’ll explain….

After a lovely weekend, it’s always hard to get motivated for that first day back! Monday, is well Monday, the day I like the least, I can never get motivated, and I’m always so tired, Monday is a bit of a right off to be honest…. how nice would it be to work Tuesday to Friday and have a nice long 3 day weekend! That said Monday was okay and I got my nails done in the evening which means they are looking fresh!!’

Tuesday is actually where it all started…… I woke up at 6.15 am like I always do Monday to Friday, went down stairs and made my first cup of tea of the day (like I always do) back up stairs to do the daily routine and I dropped my entire cup of tea and it went EVERYWHERE! Splashed up the wall, went in my make up bag, over my PJ’s, on the carpet, literally everywhere! CUE a very very unimpressed Lisa! Tuesday didn’t get much better when I had cross words with a rude person who had bought some items from me. I won’t go into details, but seriously I hadn’t had my cup of tea and that was the LAST thing I needed!

By the time Wednesday had arrived I couldn’t wait for the weekend, and all was going so well until…… I hit a pot hole driving home from work and got a flat tire…. and it was a NEW tyre!!! It wasn’t the best place to get a flat either, down the back country lanes in the middle of nowhere! Luckily I have THE BEST mum in the world who after calling her she got in her car and drove to where I was so I wasn’t on my own! I also have THE BEST boyfriend too as he was the one who changed my tire in his work suit!! By 7.45pm we were done, spare tyre on, and was ready to head home for dinner. We were all freezing and really really hungry too! NOW I have to spend Saturday getting a new tire! I was really looking forward to chill time!

I usually love Thursday’s, but this Thursday Luke had an early morning meeting and needed to be up at 5.30am!! And well if Luke’s up, I’m up! I think for the first 15 minutes of the morning I was walking around like a zombie! I had no idea what was going on!! Porridge and coffee made for Luke, I had 3 cups of tea before 7am had even arrived!! I then forgot my cutlery for my breakfast and lunch at work, and my porridge spilled over in the microwave! Can’t really work out if I was more annoyed at the fact that I had to clean it all up or that I now had less porridge in my bowl left to eat!!! I dealt with the remainder of Thursday with lots of caffeine!! Although a surprise visit from Luke that evening made the whole day so much better! Still crawling into bed Thursday night was a dream!!

So here we are FRIDAY, FRI-YAY best day of the week!! I can’t wait for work to be done, so I can get home change into my warm comfy clothes finish off watching the final part of Luther on Netflix, eat my pulled jackfruit in BBQ sauce with jasmine rice and sleep…… oh and not have to set the alarm!!!! Unless I have to get my tire done at stupid o clock Saturday morning!!! NOOOOOO!(multiple angry faces!)

So that sums up my week! How was yours in comparison? Drop a comment below!!

Have a great day!!!!

**UPDATE** MY SPARE TYRE HAS A FLAT!!!!!!!?????????????????


L xxx

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