Hi everyone

What an exhausting week it’s been! I have been so busy, mainly with work, that this week has flown by! I love busy weeks, before you know it the weekend has arrived!

Last week was a special one as my blog Lifestyle Lisa turned TWO!

*Read last years birthday blog here*

It’s really hard to believe that I started this crazy journey a whole 2 years ago, time really has flown by! 2018 was a pretty good year for me and Lifestyle Lisa, it was the year when I felt personally that my blog had really started to grow, and I finally found my feet as a blogger.

Of course there have been many ups and downs since I stared this journey and I’m sure there will continue to be many more ups and downs along the way. I enjoy immensely what I do, but it’s like having another full time job! And as much as I would love to blog every day, time just doesn’t allow it!

There are days when I feel like deleting the whole site and turning my back on blogging altogether, but Luke is always there to remind me that I love doing it, and he always reminds me how much it’s grown in 2 years and will continue to do so (I hope)

Then there are those other days when I have complete blog block and just can’t think of any content to write! And wonder how I’ll get through another month of blogging with nothing to actually blog about….. oh the dilemma’s are endless!

But here I am 2 years on, with a site I am proud to call my own. It’s all mine, and I set it up all by myself! …. Okay with a little help on the technical side from Luke.

I hope Lifestyle Lisa continues to grow in 2019, and I will continuously strive to make it better. I’m excited for my many adventures I will get to write about, and all the things I will do in this new and exciting year.

I have to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported my site, by reading, subscribing, commenting and sharing, I truly am so grateful.

So with it being the weekend and a cold one at that! I have an evening of Netflix binge watching planned, whilst eating some delicious Thai green jackfruit on a bed of Thai Jasmine rice. I love Saturday evening’s like this!

Thank you for stopping by and reading lifestylelisa

Happy Saturday

L xxx