Happy Friday everyone! Anyone else finished for Christmas? I am SO happy to have 11 beautiful days off to eat, drink and be merry!

I’am now feeling super super festive! ALL presents are wrapped, and sitting under the tree, my bedroom is starting to resemble more of a bedroom now instead of a storage warehouse. All that’s left is to get my nails, brows and lashes done, head off to London tomorrow to watch nativity the musical, eat a lobster roll (I knew I would fit in one more before Christmas) hit the supermarket Sunday (when it opens) and I also need to pick up a few Christmas cards (special ones) after that my bank card can rest, and so can I!!

I can’t wait to see all of my families faces as they open their many presents, and of course I am SO excited to give Luke all of his presents!! I REALLY hope he likes them (I know him well enough so I’m confident he will)

I think tonight Luke and I will chill out with some Christmas movies and have a well earned little lay in tomorrow.

I’m off now to pour myself a glass of Bailey’s, the first one of Christmas, and wait for Luke to walk through the door so we can truly let the festive season begin.

Have a great weekend everyone


L xxx