HOW can it only be Wednesday?! I can barely get myself out of bed, let alone keep my eyes open throughout the day!! And today we have RAIN, the kind of rain that soaks you as soon as you step outsideIt’s a SLOW week!! I am clawing my way to the weekend!! I hope everyone else is having a better week?

Today I thought I’d do something a little different a write a Christmas post, because well why not?! We are now only 48 days away from Christmas Day, I love Christmas and I am slowly but surely getting into the Christmas spirit!

And so it begins….

It may only be early November but now both Halloween and Bonfire night are out of the way I am starting to plan for the next big event in my social calendar……….CHRISTMAS!

Christmas is a very big event in my house, we celebrate with lots of presents, lots of food and drink, and with lots of people! We also always attend church on Christmas Eve, it’s a tradition we have been doing since before I can even remember.

Christmas 2017

December’s Calendar for me is already pretty full leaving only one weekend free for any last minute bits I may need. Which is why this year I am starting the Christmas planning process early! In fact I have already made a start on the present buying! My plan is to have everything bought and wrapped (or at least most of it wrapped) by the end of November, leaving December free for all the fun things, like Christmas markets, mulled wine, Bailey’s, Christmas tree decorating and making festive treats!! And let’s not forget watching lots of Christmas movies!! Oh and maybe some SNOW days just like December 2017!!

We had SNOW!! 2017

Christmas 2017

I really do not want to be wrapping presents into the month of December! I hate wrapping at the best of times, so sitting knee deep in presents, wrapping paper, cello tape and bows is not my idea of a fun night in!!

Present wrapping 2017

Being a serial planner means LISTS!! I have a written Christmas list of things I would like (which is like 2 pages long), and I also have lists for all my family of things I am planning on buying them and things I have already bought! In fact I am that organised that written down in my ever faithful pucker pad (everyone needs one of those) are family presents I have bought since Christmas 2013!! NOW that’s planning!

I actually think it’s a great idea because that way I know what I bought who and when! For example I know (by looking back) that last year for Christmas one of Luke’s presents I bought him was Yves saint Laurent aftershave, so I won’t have the worry of forgetting that and buying it again this year!

Look I’m a serial planner so let me have my moment!….

I love lists and planning, and this time of year I am also a big fan of traditions. Church being one of them, stocking’s being another. The Christmas Eve buffet, and the name that tune that we play (and I win at) Christmas night are also firm family favourite traditions!

As Luke and I don’t yet live together we split the time accordingly over the Christmas period between my family home and his. We spend Christmas Eve together and then wake up separately in our own family homes on Christmas morning. Of course in time that will change and compromises will have to be made when we get our own house together, but for now, the tradition remains and Luke and I spend the day apart but the evening together.

So with all that said, I am having the most amount of fun buying gifts, I love spoiling everyone at Christmas time, and store all gifts accordingly until it’s wrapping time!!

Christmas storage 2017

I really am excited for Christmas 2018!! I can’t wait to have all the family together, and I can’t wait to indulge in food and drink just “simply having a wonderful Christmas time”

Okay so now over to you! Anyone else a serial planner like myself? Have you too started Christmas planning? Or how about traditions? I would love to know if you have any Christmas traditions? Leave me a comment below or email me at [email protected]

Thanks for reading


L xxx