Weekends, don’t you just love them? The long lazy lay-ins in the morning’s, the slow paced vibe, the chilled out day. They are by far my favourites, starting my day with porridge and a cup of tea. I’ve decided that I really do love porridge, I could pretty much eat it any time of day, although first thing is the morning is always best.

Saturday Luke and I took a trip to town to have a little browse, I am starting to get ideas for Christmas gifts so it’s nice to have a look in the shops to try and get an idea of what I’ll be buying for everyone. I love seeing shops start to look a little bit festive too, it makes me super excited for Christmas!

A trip anywhere means a Starbucks or a costa!! I mean have you seen the new Costa coffee menu? It looks amazing!!, although Starbucks remains my winner. Today is was all about the Bonfire spice latte (from costa coffee), well it has been a very cold 8 degrees so I couldn’t exactly have a frappe could I!

There was no dinning out for us at all this weekend, as we headed over to friends Saturday night for a catch up and a lovely meal of salmon en croute, sweet potato mash and veg, absolutely delicious! We had a lovely evening with plenty of good conversation.

We got back home around 1.30am so Sunday was all about the nice peaceful lay-in.

Cinema and Starbucks were on the cards for the cold Sunday, and then in the evening I cooked!YES I can actually serve up something edible from time to time, miracles do happen. Actually I have been feeling super creative today and have made some banana frozen treats. These are both really healthy and fab for a little fix for when you need a sweet treat! I have admittedly let the healthy eating slide a little lately, but Luke and I are now both on health kicks instead of diets between now and Christmas. We’ve decided on health kicks as we want to eat more plant protein and goodness and more clean leaving. Treats are allowed however we are limiting them to weekends only. It’s so easy to let the healthy habits slide during the winter months, but I am adamant not too, I recently returned back to clubbercise after 2 months away, and I am planning to start going on country walks at weekends. I live in a beautiful part of Essex with the countryside on my doorstep, it’s silly not too explore, especially in such a pretty season.

Here are my Super fun, super easy and super delicious frozen banana treats.

Firstly I sliced fresh bananas put them in an airtight tub and froze them for 30 minutes.

Once the banana slices are frozen place them on a non stick baking sheet and spread a thin layer of almond butter or peanut butter over the top of the slices and place another slice on top. Put them back in the freezer for around 2 hours. Once frozen simply remove them from the freezer and ENJOY!

If your craving a chocolate fix try swapping the peanut/almond butter for chocolate spread!!

Here’s another very quick and easy snack using frozen fruit. Place either frozen Cherry’s or frozen raspberries in an ice cube tray and pour fat free yogurt over the top, freeze for 2 hours, take out and enjoy!!!! Simple and delicious oh and healthy too!!

Healthy has eating has fallen upon the Kendal/Taylor households!!

For dinner this evening I served up pulled pork Oumph! I had never heard of it until I was bought a pack a few weeks ago, and had been waiting to try it! Oumph! By Swedish company “food for Progress” Is a meat-free substitute product which are gluten, dairy and nut free, and come in a range of flavours including Pulled Oumph!, Kebab Spiced, and Thyme & Garlic

Luke and I had the Pulled pork style soya chunks in BBQ sauce (pulled Oumph!) which I served with olives, hummus, falafels, and salad. Cooking Oumph! Was extremely quick and easy, you cook it from frozen and fry it in a pan for around 5-6 minutes. I used fry light instead of cooking oil which worked really well. After 5 minutes the aroma that filmed the kitchen was delicious, I couldn’t wait to try it. The texture of Oumph! is actually far meatier than Quorn peace’s, Luke commented it that it was not too dissimilar from actual pulled pork. It was delicious and tasty and filling at the same time!

A delicious healthy dinner for two, quick and easy and oh so tasty. Oumph! Is a clear winner for me!!!!!

And so another weekend is coming to an end, sitting here on a chilly Sunday night with a hot chocolate, a movie and my Luke, perfect in every single way.

I’m ready for Monday, but kinda hopes the week goes quick, so I can look forward to the next even in my calendar BONFIRE NIGHT!!!

Have a great week everyone

thanks for reading lifestylelisa

L xxx