Happy Tuesday! I don’t know about anyone else but I am LOVING this hot weather! I just hope it lasts until the weekend, so I can sit outside, read my book and chill!

Today I thought I would do a beauty post, about strip lashes , something that I use everyday and quite honestly just CANNOT be without!

I am a self confessed huge fan of strip lashes, I have been wearing lashes since I bought my first set of Cheryl Cole’s back in 2009, and ever since then lashes have become an obsession of mine. There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t have a pair of strip lashes on and before holiday’s and Christmas I get Lash extensions.

I have tried and tested all kinds of lashes, some have looked ridiculous, others have looked amazing, some have looked really fake, whilst others have looked real!!

I was recently trying to find a really good pair of volume lashes for a wedding I was going too, I wanted them to look real but I wanted them to be full volume too. I was looking at various website’s and on ebay.

I come across some beautiful lashes on this one particular website I was looking at, the lashes were called Mink 3D, they looked so full and natural, exactly what I was looking for!! They were priced at £29.95, which for one pair of lashes, is a bit steep, even for me! I usually get ardells priced at £5.95.

So I decided to do a little bit of investigative digging on Mink Lashes-

Yes maybe I was being naive because not for a single second did I think that Mink lashes were really from a real animal?! I thought it was just the name of the lash!…..But after much research on the internet it turns out that they ARE.

Mink lashes are in-fact the “new” trend, only being made more popular by the celebrities who wear them.

WHY anyone would want to wear animal fur so close to there eyes in beyond me, but it appears that Mink lashes are becoming VERY popular, with many companies preaching that the fur is sourced ethically and is very much cruelty free

Minks are wild animals! They are captured from the wild or breed on fur farms. They certainly haven’t been able to domesticate them to ethically source their fur. And again THEY ARE A WILD ANIMAL!

I read that Minks fur is devastatingly “harvested” by skinning the mink alive, anal electrocution, slow poison deaths, engine exhaust, braking necks, and other cruel, unimaginable endings to innocent lives

People for Ethical Treatment of Animals’ associate director of campaigns Ashley Fruno said the world’s largest fur exporter was China. “There are no penalties for animal cruelty in China, but mink are also farmed in US and Europe,” she said. “Mink eyelashes are fur that’s been shaved off a mink’s body, either right before or directly after the animal is killed on a fur farm,” Ms Fruno said minks – weasel-like animals long prized for their fur – were the most commonly farmed fur-bearing animals in the world. “They’re confined to rows of small, filthy, cramped wire cages, with some mink gnawing on the bars of their cages or neurotically pacing back and forth due to stress,” she said. “They are then shoved into gas chambers and killed.”

Is it just me or does anyone else think it’s GROSS? does Anyone really need to be walking around with animal fur on their eyelids? There are many other cruelty free options already on the market, I’m not sure why it has to be mink fur all of a sudden!

My Ardell lashes are priced at £5.95 and are not mink fur! This is one of my favourite brands of lashes to wear and are available from most supermarkets and drugstores.

I get that people have been wearing fur for many many years, I get that it’s not a new thing (I have nor will I ever wear real fur) but Mink eyelashes just take it to a whole new level!

Unfortunately as long as people continue to buy and wear animal fur products, this trade will continue to exist, and this post from me certainly won’t stop it, I know, but i just wanted you all to be aware next time your buying lashes make sure that they are not made from animal fur!!

I really would love to hear from anyone else, who like me is trying to go cruelty free, you can email me direct at [email protected] or leave me a comment below.

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