Thanks for stopping by today!! So I thought I would drop in a completely random post on this Wednesday morning all about the Sunday Selfie, sounds pretty random right?

Let me explain……..

Every Sunday on Facebook mine and Luke’s Facebook friends will ALWAYS see a selfie of us both, it’s a bit of a running joke now, you know like, what will the selfie be this week, what will happen if we don’t do one, just good humoured jokes.

We’ve been doing the selfie now for about as long as we have been together (4, coming up to 5 years) I have always been one for a selfie with friends on a night out, which to me is a nice little reminder of a fun night out.

My first selfie with Luke was taken at Winter Wonderland in December 2013, he definitely wasn’t used to the selfie process (you know the one where you take 25 pictures and choose the best one) so it kind of became a running joke between Luke and I.

It was actually Luke’s idea (surprising I know) to take a selfie a week so we can look back on them to see how much we have changed over the years and have forever memories. We started taking selfies here and there on random days before settling on “Selfie Sunday”.

Each selfie that we take tells a story that I remember so well, sometimes sad but mostly happy, it reminds me of things we have done, places we have visited and fun times that we have shared together. I love looking back at the pictures we have and seeing how we have changed and grown as a couple. I love that I have this with Luke and we started it almost as soon as we got together.

We don’t do it to be showy and I really don’t care if no-one likes the selfie, it’s personal to us both and something that we can carry on forever.

Much love for Sunday Selfie!!

Does anyone else have any crazy little traditions like me? leave me a comment below or email me at [email protected]

Thanks for reading


L xxx