m back!! after a very busy and lovely few days, spent with family for my cousins wedding.

I absolutely love a wedding, I love everything about them, from two people declaring there forever love to each other, the food, drink and dancing that comes later on in the evening! A wedding is a time to catch up with family, and smile the day away taking a million photos.

Last Saturday 26th May 2018 I was lucky enough to attend the wedding of my beautiful cousin Emma as she married the lovely Martin. It was an absolutely beautiful day and even though the weather was very hit and miss (raining throughout the morning) the clouds cleared and the sun come out as Emma walked down the aisle. I really don’t think it could have been any more perfect.

Lovely photo of the happy couple

On the Wednesday (23/05/2018) Luke and I made the trip to Telford near Birmingham (UK) in early preparation for what I like to refer to as the Wedding of the year (at least for my family it was anyway) We checked Into the Telford hotel and golf resort where Luke and I would spend 3 nights before the “big day” (By the way I can definitely recommend this hotel if you ever find yourself in Telford, and the girls on the front desk are so friendly)

Being Maid Of Honour it made sense to be with the bride a few days before the wedding, it’s such a pain that Emma and myself live a 3 hour drive away from each other, luckily she had the best bridesmaid on hand who lives near her who could do the things I wasn’t able to help with, team work!!

Excited Maid Of Honour

The bridal party (myself, bridesmaid Natalie and the bride Emma) were booked in for spray tans, nail’s and toes and pre wedding drinks, over the course of two days, throw in a bit of wedding prep at the venue and we had a pretty packed schedule! It was great to spend time with the bride and bridesmaid before hand, and as always we had a right little giggle together.

Thursday night we met up with the rest of the wedding party for a few drinks, which was a great idea because it meant we all got aquatinted, and got chatting which made it all far less awkward on the day. People had certainly made the effort to make it to the wedding, I met some lovely people not only from UK, but also America, and New Zealand!!

Emma I have to say was actually a very organised bride so by the time I arrived there wasn’t an awful lot to do. But I was lucky enough to get to pick up her wedding dress with her and drop it at the venue the day before the wedding, which meant I got to see the venue!!

The wedding took place at a beautiful venue called Delbury Hall, it’s absolutely stunning, and if you think it looks beautiful in photos, actually being there makes it a whole lot more beautiful.

Saturday morning was a mix of excitement and nerves, more so from me than anyone else! I have to confess I was SO nervous about walking down the aisle, it actually gave me nervous knots in my stomach! As the wedding (weather permitting) was to be held outside, I did not want to fall over in my too high for me shoes on the uneven paving!

As I previously mentioned the weather was so unsettled and at one point there was talk of moving the wedding inside, something I knew my cousin didn’t want as she desperately had her heart set on getting married in the stunning grounds. I think whilst getting our hair and make up done we were all saying silent prayers and keeping our fingers crossed for a break in the rain.

Stunning hair do for both myself and the Bridesmaid 

Luckily the break came about thirty minutes before Emma walked down the aisle, there was definitely someone watching over her, and I secretly think it was our pops, he wouldn’t have missed the day for anything.

With the rain finally stopped it was time for us to walk across the courtyard and get in place ready for the walk.

Emma had one bridesmaid, one maid of honour, a very handsome pageboy and four beautiful little flower girls, who all behaved perfectly.

Groom, Best man and Usher 

Everything ran very smoothly and I am happy to report that no-one tripped on the walk down the aisle. It was a beautiful ceremony and more emotional than I had ever anticipated. Myself the bride and bridesmaid had already got emotional with each other earlier on in the morning, when we received our gifts from the bride.

Maid Of Honour Essentials 

But seeing Emma walk down the aisle just completely set me off again, especially when I saw the way the groom was looking at her, I mean why did I not take a tissue with me! Little emotional wreck!

The rest of the day and night just went far too quickly, we had photos, lovely food, great speeches and of course lots of dancing!!

I was pretty sad when the DJ played the last song, and the night was over. img_7697

Emma and Martin it was truly a wonderful day, I am so happy I could be there to share it with you, I hope you have memories to last you a lifetime.

Bride Tribe


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