It seems every time I think I am done with my Disney posts I find something else to blog about! There really is SO much to cover when it comes to Walt Disney World!!

So this post is dedicated to Disney purchases! All thanks to a conversation I was having just the other day, with what I think are the best keep sakes to buy whilst on your Walt Disney World vacation

Let’s be serious here, there are SO many shops throughout WDW, and each one of them is an Aladdin’s cave filled from floor to ceiling with, pretty much everything imaginable!

Over the years I have managed to spend a serious amount of money on purchases at WDW and then think to myself……”Why did I buy that?!” I have bought everything from pens, to antibacterial hand gel, cuddly toys and t-shirts.

So her are my TOP picks for the things you should invest in, the best kind of merchandise and memory’s

  1. Pandora– Pandora is quite literally HUGE throughout Walt Disney World, you will find Pandora in every park and some park resorts too. I have purchased many Pandora items throughout my trips, including rings, bracelets and charms.  What I didn’t do was take advantage of the “exclusive to Disney parks” Pandora jewelry.  Disney Pandora has now made it’s way across the Atlantic to the UK (and i am sure many other places too) which means those Disney charms that I collected throughout my trips to Walt Disney World, are now widely available in any Pandora store worldwide! HOWEVER, there are some charms that really are EXCLUSIVE to WDW, like the charms that you can collect for each park (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios) They will never be available outside of Walt Disney World, and oh how I wish I had made some of those purchases. I have 8 charms on my bracelet and there are only TWO that you cannot buy anywhere except WDW- My Pink Mickey Charm and my green Princess Jasmine charm. Ask the cast members when inside the store for the exclusive ones, I wish I had of!
  2. Alex and Ani-I LOVE Alex and Ani, I hadn’t ever heard of them before visiting WDW, but they have there own shop at Disney Springs. They do the MOST BEAUTIFUL and unique pieces of jewellery. The company has described its products as “eco-friendly” much of the material is either recycled or from vintage articles. In 2016, founder Carolyn Rafaelian purchased original copper from the Statue of Liberty and the company launched the Liberty Copper Collection. But of course this is a Blog post dedicated to all things Disney, so my most favourite purchases from Alex and Ani have got to be the Disney Collection created with the perfect combination of pixie dust and positive energy. The Disney Collection features beloved Disney characters, icons, and more. My favourite purchases here HAVE got to be the charm bracelets! They are so cute and classy and add the right amount of Disney to any outfit!
  3. Starbucks Mugs– So Starbucks is another hugely popular chain around the Walt Disney World resorts and parks, because seriously, who doesn’t love a Starbucks right? Each park does there own Starbucks mug called the “You are here collection” which are just the PERFECT little unique keepsake that will look good in any home! These mugs are VERY popular so do tend to sell out pretty quickly, sadly I have still not been able to complete my collection (deflated sad face alert) But hopefully one day I will have a full set. Oh and as you can see by my pictures, they have the cute espresso cups, which are super handy when you are running out of space in the suitcase, but so obviously need them in your life!
  4. Limited edition merchandise- Last year (2017) whilst vacationing in WDW we were lucky enough to be in Epcot for the 35th birthday celebrations. And of course to mark such an event they had a lot of really cool limited edition merchandise. Everything from pens, key-rings, pins and t-shirts. All of this was selling out pretty quickly, but Luke managed to get some pins and I got myself a t-shirt (which I absolutely LOVE wearing). I love limited edition things, because in time they can become collectors items. Definitely keep a look out for any significant event whilst on your vacation!!

To be honest I could go on and on and on with Disney merchandise, the list is endless, but I just thought I would share MY personal favourites.

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