A weekend of snow! Not exactly what I was expecting but it was lovely to wake up too. I love the snow when it’s not causing havoc on a Monday morning and I’m trying to navigate the back roads to work!

With the temperature somewhere in the minus I spent Saturday morning editing my latest Disney blog as well as planning our Easter weekend which will be spent in North Wales. We are heading to Wales for the long bank holiday weekend and are planning on trekking up Mount Snowdon, but at the moment that is weather permitting! It’s a family weekend away for Luke’s Birthday so we are also looking at some other activity’s we can do while we are there. I can’t wait to get away for a few days, we have a little cottage booked on a working farm out in the middle of nowhere, hopefully we won’t be getting any snow!!

I am also planning for Luke’s Birthday which is less than a month away! He is super hard to buy for so I start planning pretty early, I always keep a list of potential gifts, and things we can do, and I definitely have a few ideas I’m playing around with at the moment!

Our Saturday afternoon was spent watching Red Sparrow at the cinema, not a bad film and definitely worth a watch, although it was pretty long!

We spent the rest of our late afternoon hanging our with Luke’s 2 nieces, it’s one of my most favourite things to do! They are so much fun to spend time with and have crazy, great little personalities. After watching Moana and Frozen, playing a lot of hide and seek, chasing, and reading, I was ready for bed! (I’m pretty sure the girls could have kept on going, with all their energy)

It was take out Nando’s for us, before falling into bed, I love Saturday’s like this and always look forward to long Sunday morning lazy lay in. The weekend’s go just way to quickly.

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L x?x