Social Media, something that I am guessing is pretty much in everyone’s lives, and most of us use some kind of social platform at some point during our daily routine.

I mean come on lets get serious here, if you unfriend someone on Facebook the ties have well and truly been cut and you are destined to never be friends with that person again! likewise are you even in a proper relationship until it has gone “Facebook Official” Facebook official is like appearing on the front page of OK! magazine and announcing it to the the world!

And then there are the ones of course who DON’T HAVE FACEBOOK! and although you are only really asking if they have Facebook so you can Facebook stalk them (don’t dent it, we’ve all done it) when they reply they don’t have have it, you are automatically like WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!

So here’s the thing, Luke and I are a great couple who have been happily dating for 4 years (and here’s to many more I hope) Recently I asked him if he had seen a post I posted on Facebook, to which he had replied he had seen it and liked it (it was a post about him) I asked if he had liked it liked it (a term that in Lisa’s world basically means, did you hit the like button at the bottom of the post) Luke hadn’t hit the like button at the bottom of the page, nor had he commented on the beautifully worded valentines post. WHAT?!….

The thing is Luke and I are very different when it comes to social media, I am very social Media orientated where as Luke is far more private, and doesn’t like to splash his life all over Facebook.

This got me thinking am I really too dependent on social media? in fact are many of us really too dependent on our social media sites?

I hold my hands up, I am the worst person for checking us in places and tagging us in different locations, I’m actually pretty sure that over my past 3 Florida vacations I have most definitely lost a Facebook or Instagram follower (or two).

I use social media in my everyday life, my blog for example is a type of social media platform. I use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ to market and I’m always looking at ways to expand to other types of social media. I can’t deny how great they all are for getting my blog out there and getting it noticed.

But what about the other aspect of Social Media, is social media used for people purely to brag about what they do, what they have and where they travel too? Is it really just all a false front of ‘look how happy we are on the surface”?

Well I can only speak from experience and for myself which I will do honestly, here’s the thing, I’m pretty nosy, I love seeing people’s news feeds on my Facebook page, I love seeing what people are up too and where they are off too on there travels. It’s also a great way of seeing what friends are up too who don’t live near you and who you don’t see very often if at all. It’s also great for my family to keep in touch and see what our family in Australia are up too. So in that respect social media is a great concept for staying in touch no matter where in the world you are!

Now when I say I’m happy in my life I really do mean it, in my eyes my life is pretty perfect for me. So I don’t take to Facebook or social media to make up some false ‘look at me’ about my life. I just love to share things with people, which to be honest is one of the reasons I became a blogger, to share things!! Facebook and Instagram to me are a place where I can keep my memories, so I can look back at old posts and pictures of things I have done and places I have been too, it’s my very own book of memories.

With times changing so fast gone are the days where you print pictures off to put in a photo album, instead they are nearly almost uploaded straight away to some kind of Social media networking site.

Now listen, I am all about a prefect picture or two….. I mean so what if I take 30 selfies and only choose the best one to upload? If I took a photo sent it off to be printed out and didn’t like it when I got it back, I wouldn’t put it in a photo frame or album! So what’s the problem with uploading something you like? I love nothing more than a selfie, and YES we do take a few until I’m happy with the right one!! I don’t photo shop, but I may add in a filter from time to time…. it’s still after all a picture of me!

And YES I am that girl who will upload pictures to Instagram and Facebook even if they are of the same thing, it is after all MY social media page so I can upload what I want when I want?

For some I have no doubt that social media is a way of showing off, and let’s be honest who really cares?

In the grand scheme of things can you really be jealous of someone based on something they put on Facebook? Of course I understand there is a fine line between a general look what I have post to hey look at me I’m showing off post, I guess it just depends what category you fall into.

For me social media is just my own way of remembering, it’s something I have created and like to share it with it friends and family. Whether you choose to read my posts or not is entirely another matter. I have no wish to show off about anything, I purely do it all for me.

I could live without Facebook and Instagram and Twitter, but why should I when it’s been created for a reason.

We live in a world where technology is expanding and changing our lives everyday and we have to move with the times. But do it for you! Don’t try and keep up with anyone, as I like to say “own your own balls” and know that it’s okay to be different, life isn’t a competition or a race, we only get one so let’s just enjoy our way, instead of by doing what someone else does. That’s where the dependence of social media comes in.